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Aurum House Progressive Master Planned Office

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Aurum House Progressive Master Planned Office

It is a set up developed as a site office for proposed 30-acre master plan / SEZ at MIDC Navi Mumbai that caters to all functions pertaining to execution activity set up, allied support functions like the cafeteria, guest rooms and dormitories. The sales office unit to be separately planned as a facility for customers footfall and structures which shall depict the sample units of the development.

Aurum House Progressive Master Planned Office
Aurum House Progressive Master Planned Office

As the structure’s life has a limited time span, the option of the pre-engineered building gets the preference in order to execute on speed timelines. Dissolving the same offers little payback in the later course. Design brief for the project is concluded in the joint forum, as this becomes the first development on the land. Ground structure with expanse floor plate accommodating all functions gets the preference however, in order to balance the massing with respect to horizontal surface offers the flexibility of one more floor. Importantly, the location of this office block gets more attention based on the progressive master planning iterations. As a part of the master plan, architectural intent becomes more sensitive to locate the block in the stipulated extension of its expanse to avoid repetition of work.

Little freedom in architecture design! Yet the approach goes following the function along with achieving key form at the entrance. Instead of approaching the conventional entrance porch, the complete block proposed as an overhang, which offers entrance shade on a larger extent. Beak roof flowing seamlessly at the floor level profile starting from the entrance to the end of the building becomes the catching aspect. Mainly the design is split into its functional requirements and iron grid design is followed by creating square pockets on the rear side of the extent (offering spaces for mock units & executive drop-off followed by parking bay). Individual blocks are connected with Glass covered passages to make it more slender. Inclined portals wrapping the glass box offering the interesting viewing angles inside out.

Linear building in the centre gets two communication points (the cores) these cores functions well to separate the interior functions without interference. Overall, the horizontal placement of the structure, which keeps the users within the sight of the complete site, which helps for quick commuting for everyone, related to site works. The key feature gets a glimpse from the main road and attracts the moving crowd. This makes a statement of big development and offers scale & architectural possibility of the overall project.

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