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Co-Working Space For Redbrick

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Co-Working Space For Redbrick

The architect quotes here that his client REDBRICK Corporation is in the business of setting up co-working spaces across India. Having set up a few co-working locations, before taking up this space at Hyderabad, they felt it was getting monotonous and somewhere the ‘WOW’ factor was missing. They leased this space in a commercial building and approached us for new ideas and ambience, which would be liked by the startups.

Co-Working Space For Redbrick
Co-Working Space For Redbrick

The entire project area is about 15,000 sq ft. The space given to us for designing is a part of this space, which admeasures approx. 3000 sq ft. During the discussions with the client, the architect decided that this place should not just act as an entry point to the rest of the facility, but also double up as hot seating, lounge, F & B counter, all hands meet space for teams etc. In short, a very welcoming and happening space, which is full of energy.

To design such a multi-utility space was a challenge in itself. All the functions had to blend seamlessly and at the same time had to have their own identity. The reception counter with a backlit apron was designed as a long concierge welcoming the guests. It serves not only as the entry point and “check-in “formalities but also as facility management/information counter for the occupants. A large caricature behind the reception and the big chandelier overhead sets the mood for the rest of the tour.

The central open space acts as a hot-desking space with specially designed and custom manufactured triangular pods. These pods have data and power connectivity, so that casual working is not hampered. In the same space are two community tables. One with a white top and colourful chairs and the other one as a heighted counter and bar stools. These are useful as quick discussion and team meeting spaces.

A large café counter at the far end of this space also acts as a community space as it has seating on both sides. The façade treatment of this counter had been deliberately kept the same as the reception counter. Space beyond the column towards the glazing is used more as lounge space with sofas and soft seating being divided with sleek library units. The entire ambience and material selection are based on more of a “ Hospitality look “ to the entire space rather than a formal office environment. Hence the use of beige, ivory and light brown in the interiors coupled with warm lighting. Also, elements like the decorative white screen dividing this space and the routine work bays, plants, planters, artefacts and use of Italian marble for column cladding enhance the warmth of the entire space.

Co-Working Space For Redbrick By Beyond Design Architects “
COMPANY NAME – Beyond Design Architects
PROJECT NAME – Coworking space by REDBRICK
COMPLETION DATE – January 2017
PROJECT LOCATION – Hyderabad, India
AREA – 3000 sqft

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