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Kanchan Fagwani’s Memorable Abodes

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Kanchan Fagwani’s Memorable Abodes

Client Brief: Our clients, Mr Anant and Ms Anisha had the desire of a sophisticated home but with spurts of ‘bling’ visible in certain areas of the home. The kitchen and the vast 1500 sq feet terrace were passionate areas for the client and hence had to be catered to thoroughly. Shifting into this penthouse and having a dedicated mandir area, they wanted us to ensure we left no stone unturned in providing the correct treatment to this area.

Kanchan Fagwani's Memorable Abodes
Kanchan Fagwani’s Memorable Abodes

Concept and Design Process: Owing to the beautiful open planning of this apartment, the main entry door opened up directly into the living room. The client wanted a sense of privacy at this stage, without losing out on the openness. Hence we created a partition which is there, but not there.

The jali partition served many purposes, it is the beautiful element as you open the door, and it is a backdrop for the comfortable easy chairs of the living room; other than simply dividing space. The living room concept was simple, elegant with no compromise on comfort. This was the area where the family of 8 collected to spend their time together. In all furniture pieces, comfort was as important as lavishness. The adjoining dining area exuberates the same story. The mandir on the other side is given privacy with a just a 15” jali, continuing the vastness of the living room. We had our team of efficient craftsmen, sit and carve the mandir on site itself and erect it part by part.

Each room was taken care of keeping in mind the user- from the master room to the room to be shared by teenage kids. Yet, none of this was showcased overtly. The rooms were kept simple, modern, with a homely vibe to them. Care was taken in keeping them functionally perfect and beautifying the necessities (like having to give separate beds for the children). Rather than dwelling into bunk beds, or erecting separate beds; we went for a raised platform with comfortable separate mattresses which could also be arranged as one. Leaving the flexibility of space up to the client.

Coming to our last and dearest part of the house- the terrace and the staircase leading to it. The client was clear that they wanted the décor of the house to be continued on to this staircase and not be treated as an additional element. We looked into this with small gestures like- by carefully picking the railing design, adorning the walls with family photographs, and using the element of steps as a means to highlight some décor items. More so, we optimised the space under the staircase by designing a powder bathroom underneath! The bathroom was tactfully made to feel lighter and bigger by mirroring the entire sidewall. The beautiful terrace, a rare find in Mumbai suburb penthouses, was catered to host the cosiest parties one can imagine. With the lighting, greenery, and furniture a memorable experience was created.

Fact File: Client: Mr Anant Ganediwal

Design Firm: Kinteriors

Principal Designer/Architect: Kanchan Fagwani

Area: 3,600 sq. ft. (4 BHK Penthouse, including terrace)

Photography credits- Mr. Sameer Chawda

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