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Punjab Grill- A Gourmet Fine Dining

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Punjab Grill- A Gourmet Fine Dining by Ar. Vikas Sabharwal & Ar. Ishvinder Kaur of ivpartners

Located at BKC, the coveted corporate hub of the city, Punjab Grill – a Gourmet Fine Dining holds a vintage corner in the landmark Capital building. Present amidst other dotting diners within the precinct, the design of this restaurant stands apart with its exclusive ambience that renders the design with the flavours of Punjab.

Punjab Grill- A Gourmet Fine Dining
Punjab Grill- A Gourmet Fine Dining

The concept pertains to a contemporary classic recreation of authentic flavours from the ‘land of five rivers’. Redefining the spicy Punjab cuisine and crafting a new paradigm in the delicate dining experience, becomes the underlying perspective for the design composition. Inspiration has been drawn from traditional craftwork of Punjab, the “phulkari” & “jaali”, which are interpreted in flooring patterns and panelled walls, mounted with tile motifs forming an intrinsic milieu of the central dining spaces. Vignettes of erstwhile royal Punjab have been integrated into the interiors, capturing the rich inheritance & traditions. Efficiency is paramount in the planning of the restaurant, incorporating defined circulation spaces and multiple seating options.

In the pre-function, a brilliant brand logo in gold shimmers while the facade gives a brief glimpse of the dramatic insides. An arrival foyer with an upfront awards wall, beyond the glass doors etched with gold, makes for a persuasive welcome into the main restaurant. The upfront protracted bar on the right is highlighted with glistening frames and a frosted mix mirrored background that infinitely reflects the displays, accentuated with suspended lighting fixtures.

Serving up a contemporary interpretation is the central dining space, adjacent to the bar, with mid-century modern furniture & ambient lighting. Seating in multiple configurations & neutral colours, shimmer beneath a series of pendant chandeliers for a complete fine dining experience. The false ceiling design with antique textures and complementing palette in clean lines, add a luminous grace to the entire space. Foregrounded by banquet seating, sophisticated details inculcating vintage photos of historic Punjab under glamorous chandeliers, amalgamate to create a design that works functionality with a nuanced sense of décor. A dramatic open kitchen fronted by a buffet counter & free standing cold counter are the dining room showstoppers. The delectable food spread out on generous white Italian marble counters, pose radiantly below single line light suspensions & make for an inviting culmination of the lavish experience.

The entire composition has been married by the usage of ethnic ‘jaali’ pattern inspired from vintage havelis of Punjab and the phulkari pattern framed in wooden panels, that bring in the essence of these traditions. Weaving the signature colours of the brand with the conceived concept, the interiors have been put together in shades of gold, black and white. The marble flooring complements the inspirational concept of the ‘phulkari’ and has been implemented with an abstractive twist to amplify the new design aesthetic. The interiors offer a panoramic view of the outside from the glass curtain walls and afternoon sunshade with louvred wooden blinds. The Punjab Grill at BKC is a sheer corollary of dynamic space design and well poised intricate elements that present the patrons of food with a regal dining experience from the land of magnificent Punjab.

• Project – Punjab Grill
• Location – The Capital, BKC, Mumbai
• Client – Lite Bite Foods Pvt Ltd
• Area- 3,575 sq. ft
• Design Firm/ Architects – ivpartners
• Completion Date – October 2018
• Design Team – Ar. Vikas Sabharwal & Ar. Ishvinder Kaur
• Photo Credits – Lite Bite Foods Pvt Ltd

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