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A New Identity For An Established Biryani House- Mesmerizing Blue

By admin / Published on Monday, 18 Mar 2019 18:00 PM / No Comments / 275 views

Tangents Design Cell Creates a New Identity For An Established Biryani House- Mesmerizing Blue

Blending an old established culinary experience with contemporary styles, Tangents Design Cell serves the B.B.C restaurant with delicious new décor flavors to give its customer an enhanced culinary experience. Capturing the rich essence of Indian biryani, the designers translate the rich experience through the shades of BLUE.

A New Identity For An Established Biryani House- Mesmerizing Blue
A New Identity For An Established Biryani House- Mesmerizing Blue

The initial thought process started off from making a space traditionally magnificent to look and also which reflects the Indianness. Now What does Indianness mean exactly? Some essence of Indian Culture, Origin, Colours, Material has been followed throughout. Later the concept was evolved to follow a Contemporary Style with an essence of Traditional elements in the design. The Contemporary Style is unique in its own way as it borrows elements from many other Aesthetics. Elements from Indian Style of Architecture, Brutalist Architecture were used to make impact of the overall look and feel of the Space. In it, you can also see nods to modern, traditional, art deco and even futuristic design. Wooden Rafters were also used as an element in the false ceiling to have continuity in the space in common.

The ground floor marks the entrance to the one-storey restaurant in Mumbai. Capturing traditional vibes coupled with contemporary design, the design is modern. It reflects the elements of the traditional architecture in the contemporary style as a uniform look of the overall floor.

On the first floor, the hue of deep blue with a gold finish evokes a luscious royal feel to the space. The moment you see a dead wall, it has a feature or a element that reflect the beauty of Indianness, resembling the culture of our own binding the minds of individuals to the Space inside. The colours used makes the Space very much Dramatic, which gives a boldness to the elements using different kinds of lights. The customised metal clock acts as a featured element binding the story of the restaurant and its new design. The ceiling projections also add a whole new dimension to the layout along with its golden accents. Overall there is no point which makes the space incomplete or dead, some element acts as point of attraction which keeps the space intact. “Every element in the space speaks a story of elegance and fine design.”

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