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A Touch of Modernism In Powai Apartment by Ar Shweta Deshmukh

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A Touch of Modernism In Powai Apartment by Ar Shweta Deshmukh

This project is a mix of rustic organic with a touch of modernism. The client has travelled the world and wanted to settle down finally in Mumbai. This is a small 650sft apartment of 2BHK.

A Touch of Modernism In Powai Apartment by Ar Shweta Deshmukh
A Touch of Modernism In Powai Apartment by Ar Shweta Deshmukh

The only brief given to the architect was to make this 650 sq ft to feel like 1500 sq ft. This is just a family of two people who are avid readers, mediators, mountain climbers, tracker and yoga practitioners. They love each feel of the natural material. The architect has not used anything that seems to be artificial.

Flooring is created with rustic antiskid rough tiles of beige colours that feel like a stone to the soles. Walls are ivory with a natural brick patterned accent wall in Living Room. Furniture is made of wood and veneer. Wardrobes are with curios of elephants and Ekhat fabric panels. They have magnificent collections of Ganeshas curios and paintings. They did not want to get away with a single piece.

Having said that it should not look too cluttered in the house. Hanging shelves are created to accommodate their collection. All paintings are intelligently put up in the passage. Living, dining, kitchen and a bedroom are opened up with multi-functional spaces. The bedroom that is opened up has privacy for an occasional guest.

A dedicated study cum library is created partly in the same room with a swing with dual flexible back support. While opening up the entire house one bedroom was kept enclosed with a frosted glass door. Lots of storage is planned for their big sized travel bags and tracking gears.

The client is a doctor by profession and a professional marathon runner. She had climbed the highest peak of South Africa mountain to raise funds for underprivileged kids. Toilets have rustic stone finished tiles. Stone carved wash basin is fixed on a wooden log. Dining is designed of a natural wooden log with handing lights over it fixed on a log again. Windows has a bamboo roller blinds. The main door has a design of Manichitrakarm Lock for their love for the native region. Only two low height wooden single sofas are from Alankaram are used with a teak wood centre table with fully functional kitchen functional with all modern amenities.

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