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Alliance with Modern Influences Hallmark of Dillraj L Bhatia’s Lighting Offerings

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Alliance with Modern Influences Hallmark of Dillraj L Bhatia’s Lighting Offerings.

Started in January 2017, DBEL Studio is a luxury lighting brand founded by Ms. Dillraj L.Bhatia, the company that offers end-to-end lighting consultation and layouts. The company believes in enhancing the quality of a space through exclusive lighting which is the core of the brand’s mission. Dillraj L Bhatia the Founder of DBEL Studio has been someone who has created truly inspirational collection carefully crafted and curated to aesthetically represent the cultural and the modern aspect of the society. As lighting design expert she believes in enhancing the quality of a space through exclusive lighting.

Alliance with Modern Influences Hallmark of Dillraj L Bhatia’s Lighting Offerings
Dillraj L Bhatia Founder of DBEL Studio

Unconventional forms, clean lines and alliance with modern influences are the hallmarks of Dillraj’s lighting offerings.  She strongly believes in sustainable ways of lighting with a focus on natural light. Ms. Bhatia obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from SSAA, New Delhi and a certificate in Architectural Studies from the AA School of Architecture, London. DBEL Studio is has done project with PVR Ambience Mall, Mercedes, TNT Motors, Exotica and Parsavnath Developers in the past. With Ms. Dillraj L Bhatia, Founder, DBEL Studio shares how this company has been one stop shop for architectural as well as decorative lighting, taking care of the entire process from lighting consultancy to product supply.

How did you decide to get into this profession and that too an unconventional path of being a lighting designer?

As an architect myself, I always saw lighting as the highlight of any space. Lights, light fixtures and the layouts are something that would make or break a space. In my designs, I would get so engrossed in getting the lighting right that everything else would take a backseat.  In that process, I realised that people usually see lighting as an afterthought. In addition, I wanted to change that perception of people and as a designer wanted to spread awareness of how important lighting is to enhance any space interiors and of course, the psychological and the physiological impact it has on one’s mind and body. With DBEL Studio, I aim to bring the best of any space that has been designed.

When it comes to light fixtures, these decorative pieces can have a story to tell of its own. To me, decorative lighting is like a sculpture of light that can significantly enhance the overall look of your space and add to its allure. As the famous saying goes ‘that your home is a reflection of your personality’, I think that every decorative lighting fixture has the potential to translate the personality of not just the user but also the space. A customised light fixture or an installation that has been specially designed for a particular area can make the space its own. It stands out and yet blends so beautifully.

Who inspired you to take up this profession and how was your journey this far?

Born and brought up in a business family, the idea to start my own venture came naturally to me. My father, Mr. M.P.S. Bhatia, is my biggest inspiration in life and he is the one always motivating me to keep moving and growing in this profession. I have always seen him work as hard as he can for as long as I can remember and I want to become something like that in this process of moving forward. He is my go-to person for every business related issues. DBEL Studio was launched in 2017. The response to our brand in the first year has been overwhelming. We are grateful that people believed in us and we are fortunate to have worked with some of the reputed brands. We wish to continue this endeavour in the coming years as well.

Which projects have you done so far and how has been your experience?

All the projects we have done are very close to my heart. We are fortunate to work with commercial brands such as PVR Ambience Mall, Le Meridian, Mercedes, TNT Motors, Exotica, Parsavnath Developers. We have also had a chance to work with restaurants and cafés such as Farzi Café Chandigarh, Bo Tai, New Delhi and luxury residential projects in Gurgaon, New Delhi and Ranchi. The experience has been extremely fulfilling specially for the projects where the architects believed in us as light consultants. We assist them right from the planning stage, designing of special fixtures and installations through customisation and installation of lights.

Any specific lighting concepts do you enjoy doing the most.

I enjoy working with lights but yes, I do enjoy certain concepts more than the others. Light installations are something that has my heart. Be it an installation filling up double height areas, huge chandeliers or installations against a wall. These are the ones  the most challenging as one must be able to look at an installation and stare at it for a while and interpret or derive a meaning for them. Just like they would when they see any piece of art.

What important things should be considered when planning a project? What is a good lighting design and how is it achieved?

I could write pages and pages to answer this question. A good lighting design in one line would be a lighting layout that created the ambience that enhances the function of that space. There are so many factors that are taken into consideration. The colour temperature, wattage, Lux levels required and desired in any particular space, they play of light layers, the ability to switch the moods if required, and the list goes on. .We lay utmost focus on client satisfaction. While planning a project we are involved with the client from the very initial stage. The lighting layouts are created keeping in mind the furniture layout plans. We customise the lighting designs according to the ask of the client. Our design team creates various lighting design options before we finalise any particular design. Therefore, we work as lighting consultants for our clients and assist them in achieving the best results.

According to you how important, are lighting designers for architectural and interior projects?

Lighting to me is one of the most important aspects when it comes to designing interior or architectural projects but to many, it is more like an addition to the whole design. What people need to understand is when lighting and designing go hand in hand, the final product will always be a notch above and closer to perfection. I believe lighting designers provide the beauty and finesse that’s much needed in any space.

Would like to know more about your upcoming projects, where and their scope of work?

Our commercial projects in pipeline are Le Meridian, Gurugram, Office spaces in Agra, Raipur and Gurugram and studio space in New Delhi. We are also coming up with luxury residential projects in Delhi and Gurugram.

How to qualify as Lighting Designer and what are the paybacks of this profession?

I graduated from SSAA, New Delhi in Architecture and got my certificate in Architectural Studies from the AA School of Architecture, London. The architectural knowledge will help you with the design elements but the key requirement of this profession is your passion for lights and how it can enhance a design to the fullest.

Which of your contemporaries’ work do you admire the most and why?

According to me, every designer is unique in designing his/her creative concepts. I admire the design sense of Gino Sarfatti, an Italian designer and pioneer of the mid-century modern movement. His designs were the embodiment of lighting principles – practical, yet beautiful and always multi-directional.

Your advice to the budding architects and interior designers, especially those who want to take up Lighting Design as their profession.

The biggest advice that I could give to anyone from the design field (and something that I wish I was told as a student) – Never confuse your love for design with your education. Once a designer, always a designer, for anything, for everything and at times for nothing!  What I mean is, when I was a student, I would have never imagined myself taking up lighting design and being passionate about it. The more you experiment, the more you come closer to what is waiting to be created through you. When you reach there, you will be surprised.


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