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An Educreative Approach Taking Ideas beyond the Classroom Walls

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An Educreative Approach Taking Ideas beyond the Classroom Walls

The interiors of International school, located at the heart of city Parel-Mumbai was designed by Mumbai based Architectural firm Tangent Design cell. Over the years, the perception of schools has changed drastically. Schools today have to do it all. They need to be high-performance facilities that educate, inspire and enhance student success. Even before students set foot in a classroom, most schools still are built like factories: long corridors, lined with metal lockers, transport students to identical, self-contained classrooms. Roughly one-third of the typical school building is used not for learning, growing, or interacting, but for getting to the places where that happens. Our aim was to encourage learning to happen throughout a school building by creating spaces that allow ideas to freely flow into each learning spaces. Our perception in designing these long corridors is to give students a sense of independence and collaborative learning through spaces within and outside the building.

An Educreative Approach Taking Ideas beyond the Classroom Walls
An Educreative Approach Taking Ideas beyond the Classroom Walls

Creating a Canvas (Passage to Art Studio) :-

This area in the corridor is a quintessence of the design, creating hexagonal pattern of wall with an alternate siting and display areas on both sides. The panel-style walls are ideal for displaying paintings. The seating areas in between the walls are suitable for interactive spaces for students and faculty members enjoying those unending conversation between them.

Interacting Corridors: –

The seating area is the definite space in the corridors, intersecting each other, which adds classy feel to the area. This space creates an interactive area for the students to share and explore their ideas and thoughts.

Decorative Walls:-

The beautifully paneled wall of staff lounge intensifies the corridor with its brightness. This display covers the whole feature wall that symbolizes the rhythmic pattern of music which extends up to ceiling. Also, along with the information desk, it imparts the welcoming feel to the music room. Green color in the design symbolizes growth, nature and freshness.

Collaborative Learning Zones

The Overall Space Planning of Library has been strategically designed in Honey Comb Shape, which gives a feeling of Continuity from the Corridors to the Library.

The library space is rectangular in shape and windows facing towards west. The planning has been strategically done to give each area its importance without actually erecting a barricade. The design creates a welcoming library environment that encourages readers to develop a passion for books and reading. The main feature is the honey-comb shaped book racks in the centre which is elevated to a height of 7 feet. It also acts as a divider creating formal sitting spaces and group discussion area. Same profile has been maintained on the false ceiling to give an overall unique look to room. Informal sitting area and reading out loud program had been placed towards the north without interfering the activities of the formal sitting zone.

Many might be wondering why hexagonal shape, though? It is a simple matter of geometry. Hexagonal shape requires the least total length of wall when packed together that are identical in shape and size. This shape is flexible strong and creates a dynamic design. A tessellation of hexagon designed space is used more efficiently and optimally rather than any other geometric shapes (rectangular, square, circle etc.)

The aim of designing this library is to allow library staff, teachers and students collaborate to find, use, share and create information. The overall environment of the room had been designed to give the students an ability to imagine beyond the box and create wonders.

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