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Annkur Khosla’s Soul Searching Spirited Designs

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Annkur Khosla’s Soul Searching Spirited Designs

Graduate from the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai, Annkur Khosla went to pursue  Post Graduate Diploma in Indian Aesthetics at Jnanapravaha further upscaling with a brief stint at the NYSID-New York School of Interior Design, New York. She believes in creating uniqueness in each of her project she undertakes leaving a lasting impression with the ‘WOW factor. Delving into her architectural journey unearthing her inspiration behind creating outstanding spaces. A tete-a tete with expressing her new approach to her thought to design and detail.

Annkur Khosla’s Soul Searching Spirited Designs
Architect Annkur Khosla

Your inspiration before entering this profession and why this

I grew up with this firm belief that I would dedicate my life to a cause for greater good and where I could transform the lives of an individual at a more humanistic level.. My options being medicine, biomedical engineering to design medical equipment or architecture.. Medicine – I opted out as at that young age I was unable to come to terms with the concept of death. I had enrolled myself for the engineering course when the architecture entrance test results were declared where I had stood first mystically! At a genetic level – My mother is a very aesthetical woman and she has transmitted her sensitivity to design and culture to both her daughters. The veering towards a design course came more as natural instinct.

The experience of doing the first project. Which was it? Where?

All projects are milestones as they provide the next boost to practise with belief. Mentioning the initial one is the Penthouse project in Bangalore where we had experimented with a staircase and also created a book shelving – It is avant garde  and bold and not typified. It was not intended to titillate senses – but to stand for the thought that sculpture , design , art , interiors can all be blurred as boundaries and all these are definitions which limit us.

Your unique design approach and philosophy

Architecture and Interiors, perhaps not in a pure sense because of its technical and functional requirements, but due to its form and materials are similar to sculpture. The aim is to always “sculpt humanistic spaces” that transform the experience of an individual to sublime joy. The firm’s “soul- searching” spirit permeates in their design with a continuous strive to contribute change in the cultural ethos of society and the nation at large.

What part of the project you enjoy doing the most and vice-versa. Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kids room, Office/ Commercial project. Tell us more about the same.

At the onset , working with space itself was the biggest joy in a project. It always feels like a child left in  a toyroom.  Bathrooms  were a space I would try to redefine initially because it was the most discarded space years ago. As time progressed and the mindset of people transformed and then it became an acceptable norm.

Signature design approach or style of ‘Ankur Khosla

The firm has been nominated as one of the 50 next generation architects of India in 2012, as one of the space explorer dynamos of 2013 by “Vogue” magazine, one of the 100 leading architects of India  by “Architect and Interiors” 2015, 2016, 2107 & 2018. They are one of the fifteen upper crust designers by “Vogue Casa” 2015 and one of the fifteen space explorers  by “Vogue Casa” 2018 and part of the design power list  in 100th Good Homes Edition 2016. They are one of the architects changing the face of Indian Architecture by MGS Architecture 2018.

They have received AD100 2018 ( Architecture Digest). The firm has won several awards in India (Good Homes –Architecture and Interiors Best Project 2014 , Architecture and Interior Most Innovative Project 2015 ) , WADe ( Woman Architect and Designers Event) Award 2016 and is featured in several leading Indian as well as International magazines as well as aired on TV shows hosted by NDTV good times.

What are the plans of your firm and tell us more about your new projects?

I’m overjoyed to share of the upcoming partnership with my sister – Pallak Khosla and we also have an upcoming project of an architectural addition and interior of a bungalow in New York.  We are working on a vegan and health café interior to commence soon. We plan to foray into other sections of design and more under wraps!


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