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Ansa Interior Designing Firm Believes in Turning Dreams Into Reality Excerpts of the Interaction with Sapna Aggarwal

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Ansa Interior Designing Firm Believes in Turning Dreams Into Reality Excerpts of the Interaction with Sapna Aggarwal

 “Your building from construction to finishing touches”, as the quote suggests we are a group of professional interiors designers who believe that “You grow only if you dream!”  So we listen to your dreams and make them a reality. At ‘Ansa’, we try and fulfill wants and wishes through a complete range of interior design services, including Space Planning, decorating, Renovation and New Construction. We act as consultants to ensure you get what you want and need. We make layouts, supervise the site, and help you in purchasing, ordering & overseeing budgets. We listen, understand and ultimately create a space that exceeds your expectation.

Ansa Interior Designing Firm Believes in Turning Dreams Into Reality Excerpts of the Interaction with Sapna Aggarwal
Sapna Aggarwal Ansa Interior Designing

The Concept of Design

We are still grateful to our teachers who introduced us to the world of design and taught us to follow our heart. Backed with solid technical knowledge, the artist at heart, and determined to pave our way in the field of interior designing, we had nothing to stop us.   ” Imagination ignites Creation”; is the philosophy we have followed in our journey.


My experience has been sugar and salt. On one hand is your elite clientele, well-read and sophisticated and on the other hand is the labor. To strike a balance and be able to manage the extreme ends of society is what I have learned with experience. I believe every project is unique in itself; like every child. The planning, detailing, choices and execution will always render an element of surprise no matter how vast your experience has been.

Defining Design In Your Words

Design is the basis of creativity with an aim to establish a form which has many faces. On one side it is practical, functional and on the other visually pleasing and has longevity. To me an expressing of your heart is design. When I design a residence it truly sings in harmony and also allows the element of surprise to peep in so that there is something interesting in every room.

The Essentials For a Good Design

A good design deters to a guideline of ‘form follow function’. And I vow by less is better. Instead of throwing in everything; it is good to highlight the essentials which perfectly encapsulate the concept behind the project. The application of principals of designs; harmony, balance, repetition, gradation, contrast, dominance, and unity; determines how successful we are in creating a work of art. Good design is a collective balance of the design elements and emulates the spirit of its residents. Interior home design is a world of dreams an interior designer builds for a client. Besides being functional, aesthetically attractive the home has to reflect the personality of the person occupying it. Nonetheless the design concept, it has to blend with the culture and comfort of the occupant. The design is much more than we think (agree/ disagree).Define.Oh yes! The sky is the limit. The design is definitely more than we think.

My Mediums

Everything possible under the sky is my medium. Nature in itself is fully loaded with ideas, so I take a walk in nature to get new ideas. Experimentation with new products has been a game I have loved to play all through, thereby increasing my horizon to unlimited. On one hand, I have created pop art using all rugged material and adding bright colors to it and on the extreme end, I have also created sophisticated Spanish villas using whites and neutral tones with silk smoothness. Flexibility is the key to our success. Creativity for me is singing a heart song. Oh!. The world is full of ideas, all one needs to do is to stop and ponder. The branch of a tree with its undulations, a pebble on the seashore, the view from a mountain; all have a story to tell, we just got to have time to listen.  To create all one needs is visualization. Imagine and create something in your heart, visualize it with closed eyes, do modifications in your mind and then just put it on paper. Simple.

Going Green

It is hip to be green. From the food we eat to the cars we drive, the world is going “green” to save the Earth as well as our own health. Many of us are beginning to ask, “What more can I do?” Using “green” decorating techniques in the interiors is an important step toward saving the planet. Changes can be made, big or small, to begin making a difference. In our homes reduce, reuse and recycle is the mantra to follow.
One of the largest threats facing the Earth today is mass consumerism. The more we buy, the more natural resources are used and the more toxins are emitted during manufacturing.

Learning Trends

Every moment in life is a lesson. The vastness in interiors is beyond imagination. Every day a new material is introduced in the market. To be updated with what is available and be able to understand what can be created out of that is an aspect in itself. The quest for knowledge has to lead me a long way.

The Road Ahead

New projects, new challenges, new creations…..all have made life as beautiful as I could have wished for. Though the aspiration to do better every time is undiluted, I see a lot of our projects becoming the landmark in the field of design in coming times.


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