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Anuradha Guglani Proficient In Designing Positive Spaces

By admin / Published on Thursday, 28 Mar 2019 19:33 PM / 354 Comments / 4830 views

Anuradha Guglani Proficient In Designing Positive Spaces for People 

Anuradha has an experience of 22 years in her field.  Other than architecture, interiors and landscaping, she holds interest in sketching, painting and sculpting and furniture designing. She occasionally conducts workshops too. Her interest in working with hands led her to Auroville after finishing her B.ARCH from MSU Baroda where she got a hands-on experience in building with stabilised compressed mud blocks.  She then enrolled briefly at the Center for scientific research (CSR) as alternate building techniques always fascinated her. While at college she trained with conservation architect Sarto Almeida. Subsequently she did a thesis on revitalisation of an old heritage precinct in Goa. Studying and applying the intelligence derived from traditional vernacular architecture and its response to the culture and climate of Goa has been her area of interest.

Anuradha Guglani Proficient In Designing Positive Spaces
Anuradha Guglani Proficient In Designing Positive Spaces

Working With Waste Wood

She stumbled upon drift wood while taking walk on the beaches.   Fiddling with it she picked up wood sculpting as a hobby. Soon she started furniture designing in waste and with lesser known wood. “I always associate everything with human scale. My sculptures are semi surreal which play with changing scale of human body as a whole and in part” she says.  “I find knots and roots of wood very fascinating to work with. She brings a new life and meaning to such objects which are otherwise considered waste and left to rot or burn.


She has held a few combined exhibitions of her works comprising sculptures and furniture in the years 2001, 2005 and 2007. She successfully had her month long solo exhibition called “SCULPT-CHAIRS” in the year 2014 where she exhibited her sculptural chair designs and a few of her self-made lampshades.

Architectural Revitilisation Projects

Seeing old houses falling down she convinced her family to buy a dilapidated old house 14 years ago she decided to work on it. This renovation job became the pivotal point in her practice and that defined all her future works. Traditional architectural elements and spaces responding to the culture and climate of the place became my area of interest and this house became my learning ground to develop and derive my own architectural language”. She started specialising in renovating, restoring, refurbishing and revitalising old structures by adding to them and restructuring them, wherever needed ,to be able to bring about a new life and use to it .

Architectural Design Ideology

In all the new structures I design, I follow the principle that the building at every stage of its construction should look beautiful, it should even look beautiful after weathering, year after year. “I believe that this can only be achieved by designing for the climate of the place and by using materials true to their nature”. This in turn makes the structures low on running cost.  One thing is constant in all her designs – Connect With The Nature. This has been her signature style in all her projects. “By bringing in natural light and cross ventilation, I like to design buildings which are low on running cost. Emphasis is given on making internal and external spaces interactive. Promoting interaction within the users and with the neighbors, humans, birds and plants, all included, is the key to being humane” she says. “We must try and tap the most out of nature in its natural form as we all know that best de-stressing happens with nature. I like to make my client’s home-coming almost a therapy. “I always enjoy designing for a specific person or family or group of people. So knowing the end user is the key to a successful design.

Teaching and Sharing

Another interest she holds passionately is teaching and sharing what she knows. She has been visiting Goa College of architecture since past 14 years and conducts visual art sessions and design studio and elective workshops in sculpting and furniture designing. I see myself working more and more on uniqueness in experience that I can provide in my spaces, constantly working towards solutions which involves reuse of old and minimum use of newer resources and drawing wisdom from past traditions and techniques and continuing to apply it to my projects .

She says,  “I believe that designers shape the lives of people subconsciously. If we design positive spaces, we get positive people.”

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