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Ar Rupali and Ar Satish Naik of A Design Studio Unparalleled Ability to Innovate

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Ar Rupali and Ar Satish Naik of A Design Studio Unparalleled Ability to Innovate

Accelerating your dreams and visions is the mantra of A Design Studio which are a group of youthful and dynamic plan crusaders and a multi-disciplinary firm headed by probably the finest and most inventive planners in Mumbai. Since 2008, inside experts Satish Naik and Rupali Naik have been initiating the task of encapsulating customer needs and the stylish substance of inside spaces. They have effectively cleared their way into the rundown of the best inside architects in Mumbai.

Ar Rupali and Ar Satish Naik of A Design Studio Unparalleled Ability to Innovate
Ar Rupali and Ar Satish Naik Founders A Design Studio

A Design Studio has picked up a spearheading position considered among the best inside planners in Mumbai. Rupali is one architect who has continued to serve her customers in the most ideal way that is available. In the wake of finishing an Interior structure course from MSBTE Mumbai, Rupali began practice and has been in the thick of things since 10 years. She has gained extensive experience by working with some highly recognised design firms. Rupali strongly believes that the interior spaces that she designs should channel her clients towards a better lifestyle. “Creativity and an eye for detail cannot be taught or learnt, they are inherent”, says Rupali. Impeccable balance in the core team enables the studio to accomplish any task that it is challenged with, irrespective of Indian home design or commercial projects in the most optimised and systematic manner. Skills of the heads and the team force of the firm makes them the most unmatched Interior designers in Mumbai city.

Today, A Design Studio is a provider of planning, design and delivery solutions for the built environment. speaks with the Architect Rupali Naik to understand how is she able to create exceptional environments that meet design challenges whether they are for Indian house design or any other kind of interior project. The approach to design tackled from a variety of perspectives, which gives us an unparalleled ability to innovate.

What is the design mantra that your team works on that defines your scope of work?

We make sure that the preferences and the tastes of our clients are always prioritized when we plan a project. By creating sample plans and 3D models we ensure that the clients know how the project is going to be shaped this makes it easier for us to get approvals in advance from clients in turn speeding up the work. Our mantra is to pay attention to detail and keep clients in a close loop to make sure that a project develops according to their expectations.

How did you begin your journey and your experience of doing the first project, tell us more about the same

We achieved our first project with the help of reference, it was a 1 BHK  adjacent flats which we had combined & converted into a 3BHK. Due to the challenges of space and planning, it was an extremely exciting project.

While it was a whole new experience of working on our own project, we also had to face a number of hurdles in the way. One of the biggest problems that I faced was handling the onsite staff. The people were not accustomed to a woman boss and it took some effort to establish command among the contractors and workers. However, once the sailing was set, it was a smooth and memorable journey from then on.

Since then how was your experience working on different scale of projects, how many have you done so far?

We have had an exciting share of projects to work on. Our work has ranged from residential to commercial to retail and even fitness studios. Each project had a new learning to offer and we have been able to tackle the challenges head on with the basic motto of never backing down. Since we first began we have worked on more than 50 projects until now.

Which was the most challenging project undertaken by you, where and what was the project about?

Each project comes with its own set of challenges and teaches us something unique. We at A Design Studio try to take challenges in our stride and convert them into opportunities to grow better.

Your ideology of undertaking each project

Every project that we carry out has a unique element attached to it. It is deeply imbibed in our team to keep learning something new and to implement our learning in every project that we carry out. We also believe in not sticking adamantly to rules because the needs and preferences of each client are unique and they can be respected only if we are open to being flexible with our plans and designs.

How do you both work as a team, each of your forte that helps boost your project towards fineness?

With ace architects Rupali and Satish Naik at the helm, the team of A Design Studio works as an incredibly close knit group. Rupali works with the motto “Creativity and an eye for detail cannot be taught or learnt, they are inherent and this is what makes her leadership unmatchable. Satish has a natural knack for material understanding, cost analysis, attention to detail and quality in interior work. The qualities of the leaders are what have taken A Design Studio through a journey of inimitable success.

Which projects are you doing currently, where and the scope of work?

We are majorly working on residential projects currently with the concepts of contemporary and modern designs. Another of our project is a media house for which we are using quirky and funky themes for design. We are also working on a convention retail project for a client.


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