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Ar Shresht Kashyap Principal Architect of KNS Architects Striking The Right Cords

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Ar Shresht Kashyap Principal Architect of KNS Architects Striking The Right Cords

KNS architects – a vision of Ar. Kanhai Gandhi, Ar. Neemesh Shah and Ar. Shresht Kashyap set up this design practice in 1997. Since its inception, the firm has undertaken a wide spectrum of projects ranging from master planning, malls, hotels, residential and commercial buildings, bungalows, second home schemes, high-end apartments, commercial interiors, restaurants, clubhouses and showrooms. In addition to projects in India, KNS have successfully concluded projects in Dubai, Singapore and London. A multi-disciplinary, national and international award winning design firm was established with an objective of creating contextual, artistic and bespoke design solutions. With, the architect discusses his belief of creating vibrant, out-of-the box solution that strike correct cords with the respective clients.

Ar Shresht Kashyap Principal Architect of KNS Architects Striking The Right Cords
Ar Shresht Kashyap Principal Architect of KNS Architects

Tell us something about each of your background, the thought behind  KNS Architects, the initial days.

Kanhai, Neemesh and I come from diverse backgrounds, none related to the field of architecture and design. From our early days in architecture college i.e. Academy of Architecture (that is where we all met), the three of us did work periodically on projects together, which made us realise that we had a very diverse perspective but at the same time a strong sense of synergy between us.  That is how KNS was established in 1997, soon after we interned for a short while.

How expertise of each is implemented in the projects, division of projects?

For most projects there is always an interactive session where ideas and thoughts are bounced off each other, depending on the site and its conditions. After brainstorming and analysing different concepts, we arrive at a consensus on a design, which is most suited for the site. Project division is very subjective; we all do architecture and interiors this helps in getting a broader perspective and does not let the monotony to set in.

The journey of KNS Architects from beginners to a multi-disciplinary, national & international award-winning design firm. It has been a progressing one for sure!

As friends and now partners, we knew we were creatively inclined and passionate about design, which bought us together.  We started KNS with three friends and now we are a family of architects and interior designers following the same principal and ideology of creating personalities through design. For us, each site has its own individuality governed by site conditions, constraints, requirements, aspirations and so on and so forth. Bringing out the uniqueness through creative solutions is what we thrive on. This ideology has gone a long way for us to achieve where we are today.

Your style and philosophy of working

As a firm, we believe contextual and sensitive design adds in-measurable value to any project. We look at each project with a fresh, new perspective, a fact that finds resonance in our belief in creating environments that encourage interaction as well as meet aesthetic and functional needs of the people who inhabit them. At KNS, the client becomes a part of the design process, where in we understand their thoughts and aspirations and translate the same through the design. Thereby creating spaces that resonate with the language off the end use/user.

The parameters before undertaking any project, your thoughts behind it

It is always easier to design on a blank canvas and create masterpieces, but this does not happen in the real world.  Each project has various factors that govern it like site constraints, aspirations, budgets, and timelines and so on. Incorporating these factors and coming up with creative solutions within these boundaries is the challenge that we thrive on.

The ability to create vibrant, fresh, innovative designs in each project, how

As stated earlier, each site has its own uniqueness, being true to this, we translate the same through design. We firmly believe that a single material, element, feature cannot define a signature style for us, as none of these can be universal for all design solutions. Hence, we believe our signature style is ‘Creating individualistic personalities’ for each project through design’. At the same time, we also put in a lot of effort to be up to date with the latest materials and technology available, which can be incorporated to provide better solutions.

Your favourite projects, which and why

There are various favourites where any project that throws at you a greater set of challenges, the kind of learning, experience and pleasure you gain while deriving at a perfect design solution makes that project the current favourite until the next one comes along.

Tell us about your challenges encountered in any of the completed projects, the road of overcoming

One such project that comes to my mind even today is a corporate office for a steel firm. The interesting & at the same time challenging aspect of this project was to increase the footprint of the existing block – a 10,000 sqft  2 storey block to a 5 storey of 60,000 sqft space without disrupting the day to day activities. It was not only challenging for its design but also an engineering one where we had the whole, new extension planted on the existing one and eventually merged to look seamless inside out. The best part about this project was the existing block was operational almost until the late day of the amalgamation. This project was all about design, engineering, time and precision.


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