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Architect Ahmed Sheikh Enjoying the Adventures Of Designing Spaces

By admin / Published on Tuesday, 12 Mar 2019 20:00 PM / 72 Comments / 1630 views

Architect Ahmed Sheikh Enjoying the Adventures Of Designing Spaces

As a child the architect always loved different dimensions of creativity and looked beyond to discover the limitless boundaries of design, as a creative person when he realised that there was unconventional scope for new and evolving ideas in the field of art and design. Born and brought up in Mumbai, he was always mesmerized by the rich architecture in south Mumbai. Even in today’s fast paced life, the context and identity of the architecture in south Mumbai still remains deeply rooted to its past. This is when he realised the influence that design can have on individual’s life and that was the moment he decided to join the creative world of architecture and design.

Architect Ahmed Sheikh Enjoying the Adventures Of Designing Spaces
Architect Ahmed Sheikh Enjoying the Adventures Of Designing Spaces

In 1988, Ar Ahmed started his journey as a professional and for almost a decade he worked with various well known architects and designers specialised in hotel design. In 1998 he founded Ahmed and Associates with a team of well experienced design professionals. The core expertise lies in commercial projects such as hotels, luxury resorts, clubs, office spaces, executive offices, small boutiques, specialty restaurants, as well as convention hotels and clubs.

As a leader and knowledge seeker he keeps himself active on the commercial front but also takes keen interest in various aspects designs. On the knowledge front he keeps sharing his knowledge with the team as he believes in seeking and sharing knowledge that creates strong bond with one and all.

Over the years I have served many educational organizations as visiting jury member, and also I enjoy a being part of other organizations jury member’s team. He is the recipient of Best Architect in Hospitality Division Award in 12th hospitality India & Explore the World Annul international  Travel Awards.

Every project at Ahmed & Associates is implemented after meticulous planning procedures and sound technical considerations, yet within a presence of deadline and budget to offer value- based services with time and cost efficiency. They provide a ‘TURNKEY’ approach to interiors with services ranging from art procurement, graphic & signage programs to uniform tabletop design.

Today they are successful in carving out a distinct niche for ourselves in the design industry, as a hospitality design firm. Together with our clients, we have mastered every design challenge, to create what has been mutually conceived. They are of the belief that designs are simply an interpretation of one’s dreams. This philosophy drives them to contour what is in the mind and deliver dreams through a strong backbone of planning and implementation exercise.

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