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Ar Sanjay Puri Believes in Creating Architecture That is Rooted in Contextual Terms

By admin / Published on Saturday, 17 Nov 2018 19:13 PM / 147 Comments / 2119 views

Ar Sanjay Puri Believes in Creating Architecture That is Rooted in Contextual Terms and Yet Evolutionary in its experiences. Sanjay Puri, Principal Architect of Sanjay Puri Architects needs no introduction. The Mumbai-based architect, town planner and interior designer’s work is innovative, experimental, inventive, futuristic, trendsetting, pioneering and progressive and more, beyond the defined lines of various adjectives. Sanjay Puri Architects has an eclectic portfolio that straddles luxury and boutique hotels, large townships, residential projects, institutions and bungalows with projects spread as far as Mauritius, Montenegro, UAE, Spain and, of course, India. Sanjay Puri explores space and forms in new ways in every project he takes up.

He was among the first few to break away from the unnecessary ornamentation that defined interiors and architecture in India. His work is not just limited to large-scale projects but increasingly comes up with sustainable and locally available solutions. He is constantly experimenting, trying to explore future horizons before the world wakes up to them. He has been a speaker and a judge at numerous international architecture events including the Leading European Architects Forum, The World Architecture Festival & The Perspective PLAN events held in London, Amsterdam, Bologna, Milan, Venice, Barcelona, Singapore, Berlin & Belgrade. Winning the World’s Best Residential Building of 2017 at the LEAF Awards, London and the World’s Best Future Infrastructure Project of 2017 at the World Architecture Festival , Berlin , Sanjay Puri Architects have now won over 114 international architecture awards. The award winning architect shares his journey towards fame with

Ar Sanjay Puri Believes in Creating Architecture That is Rooted in Contextual Terms
Sanjay Puri, Principal Architect, Sanjay Puri Architects

Your inspiration before entering this profession and why this

While deciding between fine arts and advertising, I happened to read the Fountainhead at the age of 16 and my mind was firmly made up to pursue architecture.

The experience of doing the first project. Which was it? Where? Elaborate

The first project I handled independently was at the age of 20, a 400 sq ft office in Mumbai for Milan Supari. The first project is with which I opened my own office was Vasant Nagri, a 54-acre project with 3,600 apartments, a school, shopping centres, and a large club. We designed  its landscape, roads, streetlights and each aspect of the entire project and it was a tremendously learning experience.

Projects till date and more…

We have now completed over 40 million square feet in various typologies of architectural projects. Our completed projects include townships, residential, hotels, schools, entertainment centres, office buildings, retail malls, temples, clubs, art galleries, and cinema complexes.

Unique design approach and philosophy

Creating spaces that evolve in an explorative manner and transcend the way spaces have been perceived earlier. Creating the architecture that is rooted in contextual terms and yet evolutionary in its experiences.

When you take up a project, which things do, you consider before initiating

Each of our projects is now driven by the need to create a strong contextual response and evolve a new experience of spaces.

What part of the project you enjoy doing the most and vice-versa

Public buildings including hotels, schools, museums, universities are the most interesting since there are multiple aspects to be dealt with simultaneously making them more challenging in terms of design.

Signature Sanjay Puri’ approach to designing

We prefer not to create a common thread or signature style, since every the project is a new opportunity to evolve new synergies.

Plans for your firm and your new projects

We see ourselves creating more uniquely designed spaces infused with tradition, context, and sustainability.

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