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Art Deco Residence by Ar Manish Dikshit

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Art Deco Residence by Ar Manish Dikshit

A brief from the client, for his 3 BHK to create a cosy, comfortable and lavish space for the family of four, led to the concept of trending Art Deco: a style portrayed by vivid colour, bold geometry, and intricate detailing. The Art Deco movement revolved around strong geometric shapes, patterns, bold colours and use of mirrors. Adding Art deco furniture and accessories are an ideal way to portray this iconic style. At the same time, the lavish use of gold, steel and a variety of glistening materials imparts an ostentatious appeal.  Redefining the varied spaces are the geometric, angular forms and linear decoration. The mirrors amplify the volume of the space, giving it a magnanimous essence.

Art Deco Residence by Ar Manish Dikshit
Art Deco Residence by Ar Manish Dikshit

The design of this residence successfully resonates the genre in the entire blend of the different spaces. At the inception itself, a gigantic keystone with golden trimming provides a colonial welcome as it’s reminiscent of Empire State Building. A beautifully crafted door panel finished in veneer with delicate brass grill compliments the keystone element.

Sherbet coloured wall leads the way into a rich and bold living room décor. Indulged in quaint colours of rose and amalgamated with bold geometry, decadent detail work, framed mural, metal finished furniture and the layered rug brings out the aspects of art deco style in the living room which celebrates the aura of the scheme. One of the striking features is the drop-down dining table with etched glass which enhances the space composition but efficiently. Also when this etched glass is closed it forms a part of the wall panel; with mirrors on either side to create an illusion of volume.

Proceeding towards the kitchen, chevron print on shutters greets the user, which has been fabricated with the black and white colour palette. On the contrary teal as a pop colour and gold metal on the handle used on the overhead cabinet brings out the theme.        The passage, between the kitchen and the living room, have been done in a complementary colour scheme whereas the master bedroom is a distinct representation of the same style.

A 3D chevron pattern added wisely on a headboard, made of veneer and colour lamination, inculcates the style in a subtle format while giving it an exclusive feel using shades of green and gold. Being a smaller room, mirror shutters are used to amplify the volume and sprinkle a feeling of illusion. Portraying a modern English look, with stark indigo blue wardrobe, which is an accentuating asset in the overall ice grey coloured room. The fabric headboard adds to the contrast, with the bed which is underlit to give it a floating effect. The sloping profile in the ceiling gives the room an attic character. Clutter-free, minimal design with a low bed is what characterises the other bedroom. Walnut tones have been added to experience an ambience of warmth, with linear geometry supplemented for enhancing heights.

The furniture’s bold fabric in the living room complements the palette of walls and curtains having chevron pattern harmonizes the appearance. The centre table in living space highlighting the straight lines and bold geometry mixed with rustic gold finish adds to the room which is filled with art deco décor. Other than the living room, bedrooms have three distinctive styles of colour such as royal blue, green and walnut brown which is similar to overall pattern following throughout the residence. With bold colour scheme used in each space makes the theme Art Deco true to its concept.

  • Project Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Project Completion Year:  2018
  • Plot Area :1216 Sq.ft.
  • Photography Credits: Prashant Bhat

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