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Aurum House Interiors by Ar Suhas Nalawade

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Aurum House Interiors by Ar Suhas Nalawade

As the head office gets relocated on the proposed SEZ development along with additional team size, the design brief in particular space requirements concludes based on their current office set up and future team size for next 10 years. Being a new structure to be proposed, the design brief for architecture and interior go hand in hand as built to suit the project.

Aurum House Interiors by Ar Suhas Nalawade
Aurum House Interiors by Ar Suhas Nalawade

Interior design requirements mainly attend three major functions
A. Office Block
B. Marketing Block
C. Cafeteria / Break Out Area

1. Corporate office as an existing one
2. Site office facility based on project team size & phasing schedule
3. Exclusive sales/marketing office
4. Executive lounge
5. Cafeteria
6. Guest rooms
7. Dormitory facility
8. Show units
9. Experience centre
10. Material library

Being the mix design requirement with different functions catering together in one facility, the interior approach becomes paramount to attend each aspect of the design to offer each function its own identity. Hence the selection for modular furniture gets out of approach and customized on-site execution gets complete preference. Knowing the fact sheet of timelines and Age of the facility, the selection of materials considering cost becomes the critical factor. Sticking to the basic material, easy approach and pure functionality, the design outcome is expected to accelerate the project development post-Aurum House occupancy.

Design- Block A – office block

Ground floor
As we move from the grand entry, the reception of double height gets the first attention with ways of getting deciphered in three directions. Reception area located in the centre leads to the cafeteria, marketing block through the glass covered corridors. Two meeting rooms placed in the reception lobby for vendor meetings without getting inside the main facility. The central area gets dedicated set up for site execution team. Cabins are pressed towards the walls and open workstations / cubical proposed in the central area. This gets visual connect to complete site team along with an outside view of the execution side on either side of the block. The rear bay gets executive cabin supported by exclusive entry and separate reception.

First Floor
Between the cores, the open office theme gets repeated with additional board room and executive lounge. The large size conference room gets located in the area above reception (partial). The inclined canopy (the overhang) gets material library/lounge/ recreational zone. CEO cabin parked above the executive cabin, which gets a 270-degree view of the site and its development.

BLOCK B – Marketing block.
Organic and curvilinear forms proposed in a way that the customer gets a sense of experience during the flow/ walk. The sense of arrival is approached by placing the curve wall right in front of entry leading the customer in two directions. Open seating proposed in various numbers to make the whole curve area grand and connected.

The biggest advantage of the curved wall is the visual connection to the other areas. Marketing kiosks placed on the sides at the location of inclined portals to achieve space utilization. The rear side of central curve wall is the display area where the product brochure, model units & information to make it more interactive. The central curve wall is the ellipse, which caters the experience centre – the theatre. The black theme followed in the complete interiors. Open grid ceiling with a lot of graphics on the walls. The colour accent is offered by proposing the vibrant furniture.

BLOCK C – Cafeteria
Cafeteria offering 25-30 seats with different zones created by proposing niches. Hand wash proposed in the alcove near to Bain-marie counter for easy access to dish wash and functional sequencing. Two standard guest rooms proposed offering landscape view on the rear side of Aurum house. Dormitory gets located near the kitchen with entry from outside.

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