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Balancing Colonial Style of Furniture

By admin / Published on Friday, 17 May 2019 12:35 PM / No Comments / 279 views

Balancing Colonial Style of Furniture

This particular residence was businessperson Deepa Tracy’s dream project. Being her dream project her taste resonated with the colonial style of furniture with an open-looking uncluttered house was the idea; hence, it became important to strike a balance.

Concept and Design Process:
The extravagant sea-view facing eight BHK was converted into a swanky five BHK. It was done in the following manner- 3 rooms were broken down to create a lavish master bedroom; 1 room was joined to the kitchen as the client enjoyed her share of cooking and wanted a separate island counter for herself; a family room; two guest rooms; and a room for the daughter. Care was taken not to bring down the height of the apartment. Another crucial planning criterion was having a private zone and the guest zone to the stretched out the apartment.

The furniture, made in solid teak wood, is well spaced out to maintain the openness of the grand area. The 70 ft long living room was divided into a formal and an informal zone, with a dash of colours at the bar, the dining area and in the paintings. There is a wide variety of sourcing done to style up to the apartment- right from antique pieces refurnished from various parts of Mumbai to an opulent chandelier delivered in from Paris- a variety is seen adorning the house. No stones were left unturned to enliven this house with the artistic taste, which the client desired.

The traditional side of the living room adorns a beautiful Victorian lounge seating flanked by the limited edition of the Bhagwat Geeta on one side and an eye-catching flamed painting of the Ganga Ghat aarati on the other. In the pleasant evenings, the 40 ft long balconies can be made one with the hall embellished with soothing landscaping, sit outs, a swing and a little bar. The living room also has attached powder bathrooms, which sees the use of Spanish carpet tiles and stone basins, thereby making them small but elegant.

The Master Bedroom consists of two individual walks in wardrobes and a master toilet. The Mandir, with a beautiful peepal tree and birds painted on its wall, is accommodated here, as it is an important part of Mrs Tracy’s daily routine. Overall, the client coveted a light-toned room hence we see the use of distressed white polish, cane and earthy tones. The kitchen, with lavish walk-in storage, has been finished in colours like grey, blue, white with rustic Spanish tiles to complete the perfect fusion of modern and classical. The guest rooms are practical, minimalistic and vibrant. Lights from Delhi’s Khan Market, paintings with charcoal and vegetable dye, the solidity of the teak, motifs from the colonial era, bold patterns, bright colours and some soothing foliage; encompass the artistic flavours of this cosy mansion to live in!

• Photography credits- Mr Sameer Chawda
• Fact File:
• Client: Mrs Deepa Tracy
• Design Firm: Kinteriors
• Principal Designer/Architect: Kanchan Fagwani
• Area: 6,000 sq. ft. (5 BHK)

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