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Betgeri House a French Classical Home

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Betgeri House a French Classical Home

Betgeri House a French Classical Home is nestled in a small town in Byadgi, in Haveri district in the state of Karnataka. This project was conceptualized, planned and executed and completed by Elysium Abodes. The company was appointed to restore the dilapidated two bedrooms of an old ancestral family home into a beautiful French classical villa. The home was converted into a seven bedroom with ensuite bathrooms, foyer/reception area, dining area, living room with an adjoining ladies room, puja room, dedicated home theatre room, bar with an outdoor deck, library, spa, salon in the span of 13 months. The villa was given a special outdoor section complete with a patio, barbeque, outdoor lounges & recreation area comprising of a Pool Table & an outdoor Jacuzzi to name a few.

Betgeri House a French Classical Home
Betgeri House a French Classical Home

Materials: A varied mix of materials were used in designing this home to making sure it fits into its own space and doesn’t strike out as being too opulent. Italian marble, specially treated stones, tiles, wood and brass were extensively used and the old wooden rafters and carved doors were refurbished keeping the French classical theme in mind. The furniture was designed using metal, fabric and gold leafing work keeping in mind the family’s love for all things gold! The external façade of the home has been clad with Glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC) with intricate designs and mouldings, which highlight the palatial and royal lifestyle of the Betgeri family. French interior design styles cleverly combine the old with the new and still inject a healthy dose of the homeowner’s personality into space. French design is bold, sophisticated and chic. But it is also quirky and personal.

The entrance hall is the opportunity to sweep guests off their feet. The entryway sets the tone for the rest of the home. We utilized this transitory spot to showcase a console table with intricate wooden carving with a backdrop of antique finish mirror. We had a console table by the wall embellished in gold, topped with a touch of Italian marble to complete the look. The floor was ornately tiled with a black & white chessboard flooring creates a dramatic entrance and takes you back in time to the Royal Museums of France. Two opulent gold gilt chairs upholstered in zebra skin made it rather a grand welcome to the house. An equestrian life-size statue of a white horse forms the centre-piece of the royal palace. A mirror-framed painting of the Louis IV chair and an oversized antique clock helps in elevating the overall ambience of the home. An oversized chandelier lights up the entryway with sophisticated style.

In French style interior design, there’s a glamorous, sophisticated environment lift. The polished white natural stone captures the vastness of the area and clearly carpets the layout with an intricate marble inlay in the centre. To give the room the French interior design style, there has been the usage of Chesterfield sofas with a touch of gold antique nails. A couple of metal coffee tables have been added to create an image of the royal chambers but without much pomposity. The decorative part cannot be ignored; a niche with a gold leafing façade adds to the character of the living room. There has been a graceful use of volume chandeliers, which form the utility lighting for the chambers at all times. The Living Room has been decorated with mirrored pillars with brass inlay work, a rose gold mirrored pillar for chess, cushions with golden embroidery as well as air chiffon curtains with a silken draped sheer curtain. To add to the detailing, brass antique switches have been installed against a solid wood switchboard to complete the look. Art deco items comprising of high-quality resin furniture embellished with real leaves, tree trunk and solid wood have been sourced from Austria for this Formal Living room. The ceiling has been clad with intricately carved wooden panels sourced from an auction house and have been meticulously restored as per the requirements of the room.

The French have never been accused of sacrificing style for anything. A French classical home is incomplete without the mouldings, which thrive the simplicity and elegance the French are renowned for. The passage carries off this style with the addition of wall art and a Buddha statue depicting peace and solitude. A French classical home is incomplete without a staircase. The stairway to heaven was created keeping in mind the mystical mood set by light on stone and tapering shadows on steps. The architecture of the staircase combines form and function, upper and lower space. ‘Let there be light.’ The skylight atop the staircase is an important design feature- allowing the light to stream in and for stargazing on a romantic evening. The intricately designed wrought iron staircase not only creates high drama but also provides allusions of grandeur on your way up. Keeping with the style of the time, the beauty of the white stone was enhanced with a leather-finished treatment to provide the feel-good cushioning to the feet while heading up the stairway. If you’re leaning towards creating more dramatic ambience, a chandelier is always a great focal point. The Empire chandelier is an inspiration from the Empire Estate Building, which is regarded as one of the most iconic structures in the world. At the end of the staircase is ‘The Arch’ which forms the dramatic entrance, which sets the mood for recreation and leads you to the den and the dedicated home theatre room.

The room is designed with a very interesting shade of light green complemented with much darker Italian marble flooring. A strikingly decadent French Bed for the discerning eye, our Luxury upholstered bed features white leather with a double-piped trim and framed in antique gold leaf. Featuring wooden gold leafing legs complement the headboard and the side tables to make you feel more overwhelming in your space. The plush velvet ottoman provides a striking colour accent to the room and compliments the rug for the complete look. The white and gold sleek wall lights provide the royal setting to the Royal bed. Whether they’re dressing or decorating their homes, the French have an innate ability to create an intoxicating mix of finesse and flamboyance with ease. An oversized mirror is inviting for a tuxedo/gown party. The room is filled with natural white linen sofas with solid gold legs, which add to the solidarity of the seating. The marble top coffee tables provide a chic and sophisticated look to space. A vintage green console sits beside the bed, which is an extravagant object d’art providing the much-needed storage and acts as an art deco piece with the gold laser cut hardware to up the wow factor.

French interior style in the interior depends on the range of colours. These interiors are predominantly executed with pastel colours like beige, white, pale pink, pale blue and light green. Dark shades may show up in furniture finishing: brown, bronze and grey, black & gold. The walls are usually painted with matte or semi-matte paint. Special touches can be added by using wallpapers, textures and vinyl. As we have previously considered, the walls should be light. Bedroom interior will look perfect in sand shades, with a smooth transition into the golden palette. Linens and decorative pillows should ideally be in harmony with the overall design so the light palette of milk will be ideal in French classic interior design. You can decorate the room with pictures, mirrors, wall sconces, and big vases & artefacts.

Inside Facts
Title: Betgeri House
Size: 9,500 Sq. Feet.
Core Team: Mr Hemil Parikh (CEO)
Mr Rakesh Patekar (Head- Projects)
Mr Jiten Mistry (Interior Designer)
Arch. Nilesh Sawant

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