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Bhangdurge A Residential Project by Sanjay Charate and Ashwini Kodolikar

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Bhangdurge a Residential Project by Sanjay Charate and Ashwini Kodolikar

This residential project is located amidst the verdant green surroundings of the circuit house, Tarabai Park, Kolhapur. Lies exquisite by DEVGIRI HEIGHTS, a premium residential project that offers an enhanced quality of life, a luxurious duplex opens to vast green cover. It has a very beautiful natural view and ambience of trees, mountain ranges of Jotiba, Panhala, and Kolhapur city. Every day one can enjoy the view of chirping birds and rustling leaves .the duplex is contemporary, elegant and simple. Modern minimalism with understated luxury is what we have aimed for.

Bhangdurge a Residential Project by Sanjay Charate and Ashwini Kodolikar
Bhangdurge a Residential Project by Sanjay Charate and Ashwini Kodolikar

A typical flat on the fourth floor [403] and fifth floor [503] is connected vertically and another half flat [402-A] on the fourth floor is connected horizontally to form a duplex flat, with few alteration in previous construction we did the interior of this duplex flat in the year 2016. with the help of MS structure and RCC slab We have added extra balcony at kitchen side which is used as utility, also we have connected flat 403 and 402-A by putting RCC slab on MS structure in OTS and for staircase we have put extra MS sections to hold the slab and then we have cut down slab ,MS staircase with teak wood covering and steel railing connects two levels , flat 402-A is master bedroom, finally it is duplex flat of 2700 sqft carpet area and terrace of 450 sqft, except dining and daughters bedroom all rooms are having balcony and terrace.


The duplex is distinctly demarcated into two separate spaces-the upper level, which has personal space, and the lower level, where our client entertains friends and family. The wooden staircase that aesthetically connects the two levels. Living with open dining and kitchen seamlessly connects the two levels, while ensuring each level retains its essence

With a view of the sunset from Hall, master bedroom and sons bedroom. With gypsum ceiling, vitrified flooring, long snug L shaped sofa, a huge airy terrace, muted colours and quirky accents, the living room is an epitome of contemporary luxury, use of Indian art and craft, the terrace with a gorgeous view of endless greenery, is a perfect indulgence! Our client says ‘’ sipping on a cup of coffee surrounded by lush greenery is the best way to recoup our energies and get ready to face another day’ ’The terrace is also a family favourite on holidays, as all gather here for impromptu dinners under the stars.

Since the dining area requires some intimate space. We have designed it with low lying light contemporary fitting above the dining table, provided wooden deck for formal Indian type seating ambience for frank talks. The open kitchen occupies pride of place in the home. Designed as a modern Indian kitchen with L shape glass white kitchen platform, with modular accessories, ACP ceiling, connected with storeroom and utility. A sleek custom-designed wooden staircase with thin metal railings takes you up to the upper level, where mid landings wall is cladded with cement particle board and it has hand-painting with nature as the theme was done by a professional artist, space below the landing is used for storage.

Coming to personal areas, these are designed keeping functionality in mind. The large and airy master bedroom is done up in clean lines and has a restful pastel palette. It has wooden type ceramic flooring, full-length walk-in closet and minimum furniture, muted colours and lighting with lounge sofa, study table, the wooden effect for a warm look, and to cover small window, a jali with white paint gives a rich look, fresh green plants add a touch of serenity to the entire room.  Daughter’s bedroom in wooden ceramic flooring and has teenagers look, with shades of brown and white, peacock blue curtains for contrast, floor to ceiling closets ensure that there is enough space for all her clothes and accessories, a study table with wall art calligraphy adds more simplicity the toys on side table, pieces that add some interesting element to the room.

Cool white vitrified tiles and pastel shades define the guest room, minimum furniture, whereupon to keep the sentiments and emotions live, we have kept the old single beds which were with our client from their early age, single full-length wardrobe with writing table below space for the sewing machine. The balcony with French door offers a view of the greenery and the city beyond. Sons bedroom, with view of India’s 2nd tallest flag from terrace, is amazing, walk-in closets with toilet attached and the back of wardrobes are dramatically cladded with walnut veneer, well placed chairs and a study table at the centre are all that needed here, a combination of walnut veneer and white laminate for bed with background of pastel colour wallpaper and art effects gives a neat and clean look. The small window opening is covered with half-cut and half engraved jali adds the functional element. The entire room is designed for an upcoming industrialist.

Converting two room’s space into multipurpose space, what we think is In a city where space is at premium, our client who is industrialist couple wanted a den of their own –a space where the children could play with their friend, where they can entertain close friends, or they could all just sit together and relax. This room serves as a den and doubles up as an entertainment/playroom. It is a perfect setting for some family time in the evening, where their daughter can perform Indian classical dance. Luxe low seating sofa with an abundance of cushions create an aura of cosy comfort, and wide French door gives a view of the vast greenery beyond, making this space to de-stress after a hard day’s work.

We as a team believe that spaces you inhabit play a big part in shaping your life. That is the design philosophy in all the projects, we have done so far, and this home is no exception. We have consciously carved out discrete spaces for different aspects of our client’s lives. Be it entertaining, cooking, reading, relaxing, pot gardening, painting or plain old romancing, each activity has its own space and each space is equipped with everything you need there. What finally makes a house is one’s imagination. Indeed, this home is truly a sanctuary far away from the chaos of urban life.

Though all the furniture in the house has been done on-site.The crux of the design lies in a subtle and minimalistic palette, featuring colours such as glacier white, morning glory, Windsor cream, grey, and light brown, simplicity extends to the materials too flamed steel grey granite, teak marble, at entrance makes it slightly rough and gives it dressed-up appearance as the procedure hones and refines the stone , AGL Vitrified tiles for flooring is used throughout, except the master bedroom, son’s and daughter’s bedroom which is made of Kajaria wooden ceramics flooring, bathroom accessories and fittings are of JAGUAR brand and dado, flooring of RAK brand gives a very rich n nice look, use of teak wood veneer and teak wood in hall.

Rio Russo veneer in mothers bedroom, pau feero crotch veneer, white Corian jali and brown mirror for dining area, and Bolivian crotch veneer for master bedroom all-natural veneers brand used for this project, electrical light fittings of Philips and Legrand switches, wallpapers of korma[ Germany] brand. The Interior Designers brought drama through the boldness and proportion of intersecting planes. This way we didn’t have to depend on trivial accessorization. This endeavour to keep the palette simple and enjoy local materials and artisans undoubtedly makes this ecologically conscious residence.

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