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Creativity Needs An Expression Through Right Execution Says Architect Shweta Deshmukh

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Creativity Needs An Expression Through Right Execution Says Architect Shweta Deshmukh

Architect Shweta Deshmukh Works On The Principles of Durability Utility and Beauty. The architecture firm specialises in unconventional but cost-efficient construction systems. In an interaction with she describes about her fulfilling journey scaled so far.

Creativity Needs An Expression Through Right Execution Says Architect Shweta Deshmukh
Architect and Interior Designer Shweta Deshmukh of Shweta Deshmukh & Associates

How does your leadership skill drive creativity in your projects.

Creativity is unrestrained and untamable. Whereas leadership is orderly and logical. But one cannot run an enterprise without leadership qualities. So its very important to be creative to lead! When I start a particular project I am restless unless its completed. I relentlessly push and encourage my team to make it happen with determinations and discipline.

What are the three major principals that your firm works on considering the scale of projects you undertake?

Design Ideas, Planning though the process, Emphasis on execution! Creativity needs an expression through the right execution. So I am more concerned about it. Although proper planning and spadework is equally important.

Initially how was your journey in this highly competitive industry? Your experience doing the first project, which was it; tell us more about the same?

I started my practice in Pune. I was fortunate enough to get an extension of a 3,000 sqft bungalow. My scope was designing, approval and execution along with interiors. I used to spend the whole day at my site because I was crazily in love with my work. I would not move, as I did not want to miss a thing. I learnt a lot here instead of sitting on computers in the office. This experience enriched me thoroughly.


Tell us more about your specialty projects and how does it offer potential for creative exploration in each, residential, retail, commercial etc?

SDA predominantly works on weekend homes projects and interiors. Bhimashankar Hills, La-Ira, Astral Village, Sibermond Residences, Warai Woods, Multiplex & Mall at Pondicherry, farm houses, bungalows, green house projects at Pondicherry are among the few to mention. Along with architecture, SDA also takes up a variety of residential & commercial interior works. Having worked on pre-engineered construction system at Sterling as a Senior Architect, I have a well-acquired knowledge in pre-engineered design, which is reflected in some of my early projects. SDA strives to use green practices in innovative ways keeping in mind the requirements of every project. Recently SDA has launched a new venture: DeZinebox that provides online architectural and interior solutions.

The design motto of your practice that differentiates you from your contemporaries

My journey in architecture has been very enriching. Being a mediator, you always have sense of understanding and acceptance towards situations and people. I don’t think I feel any of work is my best. But if I compare my current designs to older ones, they are more original and organic with a personal touch of my own.

Since then how was your experience working on different scale of projects, how many have you done so far?

As I mentioned before I have done projects ranging from 25 acres to 250 sq.ft. IF we treat any work based on its size it will loose its charm. Currently I am working on an Interior for An Incubation Hub of 30,000 sq.ft. And also an architectural weekend homes project of 3 lakhs sq.ft.

Which was the most challenging project undertaken so far, where and what was the project about?

An Incubation Hub for TMC is one project where I had to deal with few challenges. It’s a vision of Hon. Municipal Commissioner as a part of Digicity Thane for budding startups and entrepreneurs. Challenge here was to deliver it within the time frame and budget.

Which projects are you doing currently, where and the scope of work?

Currently I am doing multiple projects. As mentioned earlier Incubation Hub, Sibermond Residences- A weekend homes project near Panvel, residential and commercial interiors.

What are the important components in architecture or interior design should be considered that you think are lacking today?

Today when there are so many awareness campaigns for environmental safety, we must use sustainable materials for construction. Sustainable products are those that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health and environment over their whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials until the final disposal. I strongly feel the need for more strict policies by government in this regards. If there are bylaws to use specific materials while issuing approval to any building then we can help our nature up to a great extent.

Your advice to the budding architects and interior designers?

There is no substitute for hard work and sincerity. If you give your 100% then no one can stop you from succeeding.


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