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CREDAI Welcomes PMC Decision to Permit Sanctioning by Architects

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 03 Jan 2018 10:44 AM / No Comments / 215 views

CREDAI Pune Metro welcomes the decision of the PMC to permit building sanctioning by licensed architects or engineers. This decision marks a tremendous shift of approach.

Congratulating the PMC, Shrikant Paranjape President CREDAI Pune Metro  stated ” on behalf of the entire fraternity of developers I would like to congratulate the municipal commissioner as well as all the officials for taking this decision. It marks shift in approach that has never been seen before. This trust based approach of obtaining the sanction with a self declaration transfers the onus on to the architect and the developer. The officials can focus there energies on ensuring compliance rather than nearly issuing of the sanctions. Given the proactive approach by the municipal corporation we believe that this first step of issuing of building permissions if successful can lead to layout approvals also been done in the same manner. And this step will mark the complete transition to a trust based approach. The action will accelerate approvals for developers thereby reducing the holding costs for developers. In the long run this will help bring apartments faster into the market and the reduced holding cost can translate to lower cost on account of better predictability of the approval process.”

The Government of India is focused on improving the country’s global rank on the World Bank’s ease of doing business rankings. The last year saw India move from 130 to 100 but the Ease of dealing with construction permits only improved from 185 to 181. This step will help in the Ease of dealing with construction permits and can be emulated across the country to in a bid to improve the country’s ranking.

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