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Deshpande House by Ravi Gadre

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Deshpande House by Ravi Gadre

Besides the general requirements of any house like living, bedrooms, dining, kitchen, store, utility, Pooja, parking etc., the owner has some specific requirements. The living room should be smaller only to receive guests and visitors. The ‘main zone ‘where the owner spends most of his time, should be bigger. This contains the kitchen, dining, family lounge, swing, and terrace. In addition to this, a servant room with toilet, home theatre with lounge and toilet, and sit out with the garden should be accommodated. Both husband and wife are from it sector, a computer station with the library shall be located near master and children’s bedroom, due to late night working and long-distance calls.

Deshpande House by Ravi Gadre
Deshpande House by Ravi Gadre

Concept — ‘embracing the morning glory ‘
Design – the house sits on a sloping plot from west to east, having a drop of 2.5 mt. and the access road at the higher level towards the southwest corner with a dead end. The car porch is located at this corner. The main zone’ at ground floor, faces east having kitchen, dining, family lounge, swing, and terrace. The ‘private zone’ like bedrooms are towards west, and the ‘common zone’ having a library, a computer station, staircase, store, utility, etc are sandwiched in between. A semicircular opening offers vertical communication and sense of security between the parent’s bed and master bed.

The ‘visitors zone’ having servants room, home theatre with lounge, sit out with the garden, are planned at the lower semi-basement but opens into a huge 2000 sft landscaped garden, towards the east side. This zone is directly accessible externally by the party guests and friends from the main gate thus maintain the privacy of the house. The sit-out projects over waterbody with river ghat like steps gives a floating, soothing and tranquil ambience.

The covered terraces for the bedrooms on the first floor give protection from sun and rain. The view window at the family lounge is taken at the floor level. This gives the all-time view of the garden at the lower ground floor. Use of standard construction material and conventional technology economise the budget.

Composition – The overall composition is a juxtaposition of rectangles and triangles in plan and elevation .this volumetric railings, grillwork hiding the piping, lace composition softens the volumes further. The owner being it professional preferred sober and white thus light grey and white colour shades are used.

Interiors – The minimum required complimentary interior is done as per the owner’s preference. No false ceiling, no panelling, dark and white colour laminate was the final choice, outcome – the house releases mental fatigue with space, minimal interior, white colour, good natural light and ventilation with the view of east side garden from the most part. The artificial lighting transforms the ‘morning glory’ in to ‘evening glamour’.


  • Owner – Mr. Umesh Deshpande & Mrs. Anjali Deshpande
  • Architect – Ravi Gadre & Associates, Pune
  • Design Team – Ar.Ravi Gadre, Ar.Mangesh, Ar. Komal
  • Interior Designer – Ravi Gadre & Associates, Pune
  • Design Team – Ar.Ravi Gadre, Miss.Hemali
  • Contractor – Mr. Vijay Bhandari, Pune
  • Structural Consultant – M / S. Altron Consultant, Pune
  • Photography – Ar. Atul Kanetkar And Ar. Ravi Gadre
  • Construction Area – 480 Sqm
  • Construction Cost – 1.07 Crore Approx.
  • Interior Cost – 33 Lakhs Approx.
  • Date Of Commencement – 09th May 2011
  • Date Of Completion – 24th January 2014

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