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Done To The Best to Create a Benchmark For Others to Follow That is Ar Prem Nath

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Done To The Best to Create a Benchmark For Others to Follow That is Ar Prem Nath

Today the architect designs both the style and the development of his working in a profoundly cognizant way, frequently intentionally endeavoring to impart creative ideas and unique thoughts through inward spaces and structure itself. Prem Nath and Associates is a corporate Design Organisation engaged with the expert routine with regards to Architecture and Interior Design in Bombay, India. Excerpts of the interview with Architect Prem Nath

Done To The Best to Create a Benchmark For Others to Follow That is Ar Prem Nath
Architect Prem Nath of Prem Nath & Associates

Your inspiration in those early times before entering into this profession.

I never imagined myself becoming a practicing Architect or one among  the top Architects in the country. my career started as a blueprinting boy in an engineering firm, and eventually joining Sir J.J. School of Architecture was itself a dream turned into reality.

Various media publications have frequently referred to him as the “Seminal Architect”, “Lucky Architect, “Amitabh Bachchan of Indian Architecture and so on. How does it feel?

I Sphere ahead of time, I believe leadership is a important skill for an architect . We lead ahead with our creativity , innovation & smartness. I was fortunate enough to create a lot many “Firsts” in India – The first ever Revolving Restaurant in the country for Ambassador Hotel in Mumbai; India’s 1st Health Spa and many more to add.  I m glad to be setting trends for my fellow young architects & its great to see them looking up to my work & appreciating  it .Being referred to with such positivity & great personality is a great honour.

You started your career as an interior designer how was the experience doing your first project, Where and which was it?

During the beginning of my career, there were no Interior Designers, they were only Interior decorators . I was the first to showcase my skills of 3D Visualizing , Sketching which helped me giving my client a better perspective & imagination. I was Qualified as the 1st Professional Interior Designers for ASIAD to practise in USA, I received several job opportunities, one of the major prospect being working as a designer with Ar. Joseph Allen Stein. I was also featured in the top 100 Interior Designers  around the Globe. That is when Interior Designing was born as a profession in India . I utilised most of this time exploring the cities and socialising. One such encounter brought me face to face with the famous Bollywood actor Dharmendra and M.D. of Britannia Biscuit Company. I was fortunate to design private residences/villas and buildings for these key clients soon after graduation. This was a life-changing experience for me, which made me step-up my own firm, Prem Nath and Associates in the year 1967. My aspirations back then were to make a mark for myself in the building industry, getting my hands on every new challenge and opportunity that comes my way.

After graduating from Sir J.J. College of Architecture in 1965, you established your own firm Prem Nath & Associates in 1967, how were those days of architecture as profession, what was the outlook or how was it viewed?

I believe Architects have to be an Artist, be smart & upgraded with the advance technologies . During those days of architecture were laid back , they was no much competition as compared to now. I took a risk & made a trip aboard, for getting more educated exploring the beautiful architectural work around the world. At that time it wasn’t easy to get a Visa but having a client working for the airways made it easier for me. I was curious to know more of architecture building, I read many books of architecture, hospitality work & Architectural Technologies . My this experience helped me to build the first ever Revolving Restaurant in the country for Ambassador Hotel in Mumbai, & many more First for the Country. This was a new concept in the country back then. The technology to be used was different from any conventional structure. I took this project as a challenge for myself, to complete this project successfully and with the latest technology, this made me realise that as an architect one has to stay ahead of time, think out of the box, and keep an open mind to all kinds of projects and ideas while advancement & skill  is the most important aspect of them all.

From when was the architecture profession considered to be a vocation of repute, how did the transformation happen?

Architecture was never a vocation it was always  a profession,  In the contemporary age, the scope of architecture is vast. When I started practicing architecture, the scenario was quite different from now, the profession was limited, the scale was very diminutive, resources were inadequate, at that time pen & ink was the architecture. The era of 2001 to 2007 was fast track , many foreign exposure to the country, they were many IT building built, the building ownership came in existence. In the Evolution of last decade, there has been a glut of designers, manufacturers, vendors, suppliers, international clients, causing the shift more towards commercialisation.

Your perspective of every project you undertake, be it hospitality, Commercial or Residential

Capability of the user. Perspective of every project first depends on the User’s viability & affordability, it totally reflects on the accord of the user. The quality & outlook expected for the project i.e. what kind of building is to be build in what locality be it in a Urban or a Suburban area & according to the facilities we can expect from the specific area we initiate the Project .

The most challenging project of your career, which is also your favourite

I was fortunate enough to create a lot many “Firsts” in India – The first ever Revolving Restaurant in the country for Ambassador Hotel in Mumbai; India’s 1st Health Spa & Body Rejuvenation Centre was designed by the firm for M/s. World Resorts Ltd, at Golden Palm Resorts, Bangalore; First Multiplex-Mall in the country i.e. Fame Adlabs at Citimall, Andheri Mumbai; Countries’ 1st fast-track I.T. for Morgan Stanley at Mindspace, Mumbai,  1st Gold graded & HUDCO Award winner Township for HP-Mittal Energy Limited (HMEL) at Punjab; India’s 1st Platinum Rated School campus – Cygnus World School at Vadodara; 1st themed entertainment Hotel-Resort at Delhi–NCR – The Royal Resort. Nextech Technology Park, Delhi-NCR, A fully integrated global technology IT Park project has, 1st ever ‘In-Implementation’ IT-SEZ Park developed as an Intelligent Techno-township, with the fully developed construction of more than 5 million Sft. spread over 25 acres of land. The Zeon Tower at Bhakti Park , Illuminated  Tower High Rise Residential Phase 2 Complex

From the numerous projects that you have done in three decades, which is your favourite and the one you wished to have done better than the existing design.

Vasant Valley School -which won the Education World India School Rankings 2012 award of the Best ‘day school’ in the Country – is constructed on 8 acres of land at Vasant Kunj, Delhi for M/s. Education Today-India Today Group. The School is build beautifully & given various facilities ,that the children wish to come school daily . With Junior and Senior School with sports facility, labs, hostels & infra-landscape, this School caters 1,500+ students from prep level to XII Std with site development, landscapes & sports facilities.

India’s 1st ever Health Spa & Body Rejuvenation Center was designed by the firm for M/s. World Resorts Ltd, at Golden Palm Resorts, Bangalore; apart from the unique spa feature the resort is well designed amongst the plush green surrounding of swaying palm trees with 150 high end resort suites; It was a combined idea of a Health Conscious entrepreneur and an NRI Health Pro cosmetic surgeon, & the basic health spa programme was formulated, We were commissioned to provide “TOTAL DESIGN” and consulting services from initial evaluation and development of program to architectural, engineering services, facilities planning, and fitments. A development within 14 acres property into a luxury resort, and since there were hundreds of existing golden colour, palm trees, hence the name.“THE GOLDEN PALMS”, which not only has a state-of-the-art Health Spa & related activities, but also has 150 deluxe rooms and suites, and the usual requirements of Restaurants, bars, café, banquets – conference rooms, sports facilities, and business center. I have done my best for all my projects , I don’t have second thought for the betterment. Done to the best to create a benchmark the others to follow.

Amongst the current lot and fellow architects whose work do you admire the most and why?

I’m glad my young fellow architects are doing a great job & also many of them aspire to cope up a pace with me . I don’t hesitate to admire their work. They are coming up with many promising projects & I feel its unfair to name one from the amazing lot.

Your definition of architecture then and now. Your suggestions to the young generation

“Architecture is one of the best professions one can practice, which also enables us to be involved in every aspects of Human Life. Architects can attain name fame & also contentment, but architect do not become billionaire. If that suits then do pursue with passion & patience.

India has to build in regards to smaller cities & town. Architects have a great platform to show case their talent by coming up with new & innovative ideas , being in flow with the new technologies. As the competition is tougher & Demanding . The young generation needs to be passionate & gain good knowledge about architectural work.

Ar. Prem Nath has conceptualized the 1st themed entertainment Hotel-Resort at Delhi –NCR region. This 7-star property on 50 acres land shall be a landmark beyond perception. The facilities in the complex of Royal Gardens are amphitheater with a seating capacity for more than 10,000 people, health spas- sauna, Jacuzzi etc., salons, themed gardens, features, multi-level pools, water slides / rides, Kid zone- video game center, toy store, library etc., recreational areas & entertainment zones, fun zone, 24 pocket Golf course, Artificial Beach, jogging tracks, banquets, convention / business centers with more than 2,000 person capacity, spice garden, multi-cuisine restaurants, luxury & lifestyle shopping, themed shops, handicraft village, clock tower, fashion street, 3,000+ parking spaces, and much more.

The resort shall also be a perfect place to host events like launch parties, promotion events, etc. The entire hotel-resort complex will have a variety of buildings, including towers & features all adding to the conceived theme – ‘LUXURY’. The resort is designed not just to be lavish in facilities but shall also be equipped with modern and most hi-end technology. Lavish in space & luxury yet this property shall also speak of inbuilt efficiency in terms of space designing, resource usage & consumption, etc. The property shall be built on a land with natural gradient giving the panoramic view of the capital city. Retaining & enhancing the existing ecology, the resort premises shall be breath-taking. The resort shall depict a miniature version of a perfect luxurious city in India itself catering to all age groups.


Luxury Hotel – 7 Star Standards;

Large Party Lawns – Unique for Promotional & Product launch Events;

Amphitheater with a seating capacity for more than 10,000 people;

Multi-level pools, water slides / rides and above all Wave Pool – Artificial Beach;

9 pocket Golf course & jogging tracks;

Luxury & lifestyle shopping, themed shops, handicraft village plus fashion street;

Equipped with modern and most hi-end technology


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