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Earthy Elements Inspired Thane Global Impact Hub

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Earthy Elements Inspired Thane Global Impact Hub

Thane is declared as Digicity Thane where Thane Municipal Commissioner has this vision to start an Incubation Hub for budding entrepreneurs & start-ups of the city. Thane Global Impact Hub is a state of the art innovation hub of 35,000 sq. ft. It provides work desk for 360+ start-ups with various breakout areas. It consists of the cafeteria with 80 capacity with mother care facilities for Women Entrepreneurs. It is a pet-friendly co-working space with photography, artist studio, yoga room and a relaxation room with other facilities. This centre is equipped with a 60 seater small auditorium for a screening of the films and documentaries that can also host pitch sessions for start-ups.

Earthy Elements Inspired Thane Global Impact Hub
Earthy Elements Inspired Thane Global Impact Hub

The ground floor has a welcome lobby with 12-seater conference room, small pantry and reception with waiting lounge. This reception has a wide LED screen to run start-up success stories for the visitors where the conferences and meeting rooms are convertible into big rooms where the USP of this project is small single and double occupancy cabins. It also has flexible desks for people with orthopaedic problems.

Every wall has graffiti with a start-up entrepreneurial and inspirational story to tell like Hima Da, Jeejau the mother of Shivaji Maharaj, Jadau, Padman, Maa Ulla, Dabbawala and many more. Sustainable material is extensively used for minimum carbon print on the environment. Like tip wood panelling, green walls, salvaged door panels, wooden logs. Graffiti doen here is by students coming from the economically weaker section. Theme of the space is a combination of rustic and eclectic for an incubation hub start-ups and budding entrepreneurs. IT consists of a 3,500 sq. ft reception lobby in the ground floor with two conference rooms and pantry whereas 30,000 sq ft floorplate is on the first floor that consists of 390-word desk and cabins of 393 capacity.

Hexagon is used as a backdrop on reception and in the ceiling as it signifies community, efficiency, communication, Interfacing, balance, union, no wastage of energies. These qualities would be quintessential for incubation and co-working spaces. The boat is proposed right in front of the reception table to distract the attention from too many columns and enhance the space in between them by creating an artwork installation with boat and soundscape blade above. In addition, boat signifies a journey, which enables us to make a journey, whether it be faith, education, curiosity, or any other such motivation. This project embarks on a journey for limitless possibilities as a remarkable and prominent part of the first digital city of India.

Hexagon ceiling and vertical blade above the boat are proposed; as they are sound absorbing acoustic materials with open ceilings and minimum furniture with soundscape blades that will control the reverberations. Big LED panel wall is to display start-up stories, events related to Maharashtra heritage like Jejuri turmeric festival, lezim dance, bullock cart races, and dindi yatra to Pandharpur etc. Wooden panels on both sides to cover multiple columns on the walls surrounding the LED panel. This design is revised to make it minimalistic. The green wall is proposed on the western wall as per Vastu to neutralise the excessive effects of electromagnetic fields caused by electrical appliances, computers and cell phones and cleanse stagnant energy because they are in a dynamic condition of growth.

Reception table is proposed in natural stone with planter box for bamboo plants with natural wooden logs as table tops. This design encapsulates all five elements like earth (stone) water(bamboo plant) air & space (omnipresent), fire(electricity) this table vertical may have stencil work of mandala or calligraphies as mentioned above. There are planters and tensile fabric canopy proposed on the exterior of the glass partition to reduce the radiation. Most of the material proposed are green materials such as Armstrong soundscape boards, Glass partitions, Serge Ferrari tensile fabric, Tipwood, Paint. There is also an effort to contribute towards the environment in all possible way. The overall effort is to create an impact as a global hub with a few Indian elements and earthy-rustic design.

Some Key Features:
• Spacious centralised lobby at ground floor acts as a reception zone as well as breakout space.
• Entrance driveway welcomes people with tensile canopies.
• Open Plan Office to create healthy co-working environment.
• Work desks: Capacity 326 seats.
• Business Conferences: Capacity 55 seats.
• Training Room: Capacity 50 seats.
• Rest Rooms are provided at all corners of the Incubation Centre.
• Hobby Rooms to inculcate the hidden talents of co-workers.
• Mother care room is a unique feature that encourages working mother entrepreneurs.
• This centre is also pets friendly as it has a demarcated zone for pets as well as an uninterrupted jogging track for their walk.
• 600’ long spectator’s walkway is one of its kind viewing galleries gives an opportunity to closely observe the working environment of the centre without disturbing them. This can very well invite more people to experience the working environment.
• Glass Conference Rooms are strategically planned to break the monotony of work desks at the same time it doesn’t block the illumination.
• Our breakout areas are designed to encourage innovative and productive thinking. Glass boards are created to invite people to scribble. Multilevel seating just breaks the monotonous working mood. An open amphitheatre is just apt for a small performance of the peer. Musical instruments are an important part of our hobby rooms and can be procured for such events.
• Pets zone, hobby room and cafeteria space can be rented out for revenue generation at non-working hours as they are planned with separate entrance.
• Business Conference & Training Rooms can be converted into workspaces with the help of flexible partitions.
• 230’ long Colonnade acts a viewing gallery for the picturesque landscape outside.

Project by Architect Shweta Deshmukh.

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