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Effortlessly Balancing Utility and Style Robin Chhabra Founder & CEO Dextrus

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Effortlessly Balancing Utility and Style Robin Chhabra Founder & CEO Dextrus

Robin Chhabra Founder & CEO, Dextrus after schooling at Winchester College in the UK, Robin Chhabra earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture, as well as a Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Effortlessly Balancing Utility and Style Robin Chhabra Founder & CEO Dextrus
Effortlessly Balancing Utility and Style Robin Chhabra Founder & CEO Dextrus

Having worked on projects as diverse as theatre set design and heritage hotels with boutique architecture firm Kay Ngee Tan Architects in Singapore, Robin Chhabra joined the award-winning team at Serie Architects in Mumbai. With offices in London, Singapore and Mumbai, the work at Serie Architects kept pace and pushed the boundaries of the top trends in architecture globally. As a Senior Architect for Serie Architects, Robin Chhabra acquired a unique skill set – managing contextual and spatial logic with that of unique formal expression During this time, Robin led projects of multiple scales across residential and commercial spaces; including schools, hotels and sports facilities. Recognising the need to provide path-breaking thinkers with a workspace that offers all the finesse of a top-notch office with none of the fuss involved in maintaining it, Robin Chhabra founded Dextrus in 2018.

Spread across 15,000 square feet, Dextrus has open workstations and private offices aplenty — effortlessly balancing privacy and collaboration through its design. The aesthetics are warm, clean and simple, yet space is alive with a tangible sense of surprise and freshness. A combination of gold and white reflects simplicity and prestige, while the occasional pop of pink, green and dark grey are amalgamated into the design to offer warmth and visual delight. Perfectly pruned plants add freshness, while textures such as the CNC-cut patterned wood panels and lime-plaster ceilings bring depth and texture. The artwork is used to introduce colour, as well as to talk about dexterity and the different forms of work in India.

Considering Founder and CEO Robin Chhabra’s extensive experience and exposure to the world’s most cutting-edge design work, it is a foregone conclusion that Dextrus would aim to delight from a visual standpoint. However, flexibility is also key. Keeping pace with technology is paramount too and the Dextrus setup defines this. Top-notch Internet connectivity, infrastructure that preempts company requirements, a UPS power back-up and its own air-conditioning system allows Dextrus to be a truly 24×7 centre when required. Effortlessly balancing utility and style, Dextrus offers up all the things that matter — from acoustic excellence to tech infrastructure, packaged in a stylish architectural design that gives the workspace a sense of prestige and makes it a coveted address on the map of BKC, Mumbai.

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