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Global Market in Wooden Flooring is Increasing

By admin / Published on Wednesday, 11 Jul 2018 16:56 PM / No Comments / 726 views

Wooden flooring is in trend all over the world, it observed that in India also this trend is expanding. On this Shivshankar K.RMD at Inovar Floors India Pvt Ltd spoke with, about the effect of monsoons on the wooden flooring and its market size.

Flooring trends in Monsoon 

The wooden floors expands or contracts depending on weather conditions. Thus, at the time of the monsoon, the humidity or moisture content is extreme and hence the floors tends to expand.  On the other hand, while we install the floors those expansion areas are taken care of along with the wall Skirting. Therefore, seasons or weather conditions do not have any critical result or impact on the flooring. The only reasons affecting are the inconvenience and disruption of traffic while delivering during monsoons.

Indian market for wooden flooring

The Indian market is growing at a compound rate of 20 %, largely because it is easy to install in a new home. If a builder wants to install 1 lakh sq ft our team can get it done according to their schedule. We can also make up by increasing the team and deploy it in 10 days, which is not possible in other flooring. It is easy to maintain, has less weight and bestows an amazing warm look.

Quality not effected due to low pricing 

We aren’t compromising on the quality, we have come up with different categories in the wooden flooring like laminate floors which come at an entry-level price that compete with high-end ceramic titles, which is suitable for different grades of traffic. And then we also have an engineered wood that is priced close to an Italian marble. Hence, the pricing depends on the type of wood flooring that you are going in for.

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