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Huge Potential for Semi-Permanent Housing Industry In India

By Admin / Published on Monday, 23 Oct 2017 12:40 PM / No Comments / 375 views

Scott Knox, Architect of Honeycomb Village has designed modular housing village that helps people step out of low quality housing towards permanent homes. Scott in an exclusive interview spoke about his joinery and modular housing with Kartiki Lawate.

First of all tell me something about SUNLIGHT and about the name as it seems interesting?
Sunlight quickly became Honeycomb’s brand Identity. Naming is rarely simple. In thing about the sustainable qualities of HV I alighted on Sunlight and the name stuck.

Tell us about your journey till now as an architect?
My career has followed projects that have come onto my architectural path. Airports, ChipFabs, the Parthenon, commercial, and now housing have been rewarding even with the steep learning curves that each building type presents. Working with talented arch, Eng, and clients is essential when the challenge is monumental in scale.

Can you brief me about the concept – modular housing design that helps people step out of no/low quality housing towards permanent homes?
More than housing is needed when you look at people at the Bottom of Pyramid (BOP). India’s 2012 Ministry of Housing report describes the 3-legged stool of poverty. The 3 vulnerabilities are Housing, Health, and Jobs. People losing any one of these usually fall into poverty. One tends to lead to other which is why the cycle of poverty is hard to break. Honeycomb Village is modular to explicitly bring down the cost, build at scale, and provide safe/sanitary pavilions for all three essential areas. The cost is vastly affordable when we have the economy of scale. Units being under 2 Lakh are micro-financable. Modular also allows efficiency that typical construction.

What is the change in pattern of work among architects around the world?
Forward thinking architects and engineers are adopting Building Information Models (BIM)

Your favourite project till now and why? 
Honeycomb Village is a project without precedent. The potential to make a semi-permanent housing industry that manufacturers pavilions at a
cost-point for affordability and profit is great.

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