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Interior Designer Pritesh Meisheri A Visionary Of Good Design

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Interior Designer Pritesh Meisheri-A Visionary Of Good Design

Prit Designers was established in the year 2004. The company has been a part of diverse range of projects since its establishment. The studio’s driving force comes from a team of individuals from various expertise’s in the interior design. The studio’s driving force comes from a team of individuals from various expertise’s in the interior design and architecture associates. Our work involves designing and executing projects for corporate offices, retail outlets, showrooms & other public spaces and high profile Residences and apartments etc. The firm collaborates with technical consultants from various backgrounds to bring in new insight to the projects at all times constantly bringing innovation in the process. Our work circles around craftsmanship & visually Intricate yet simple construction details, inducing our knowledge & vision to find the best means to a “Good Design”.

Interior Designer Pritesh Meisheri-A Visionary Of Good Design
Interior Designer Pritesh Meisheri-A Visionary Of Good Design

Our Mission

Marvels are made for viewing not for living – as per this statement. Even we at Prit Designers started with a mission to create spaces that look marvellous which could be used too. Thus we help you create a perfect environment, at home or work which is attractive as well as functional. To be a globally recognised professional Interior Consultant providing design and complete execution solutions in the field of high-end corporate, commercial & residential interiors.


“Design inspired by vision.” We are passionate about the creative process and how it impacts the human experience. We believe extraordinary interior design is born when a collaborative experience is created that includes our clients and associates, focusing on clear communication, shared vision, practical design and experienced leadership. Our design process promotes responsible design, sustainable materials and healthy environments. We actively listen to your specific needs and through our extensive experience and market knowledge deliver innovative and unique solutions. From commercial to residential spaces we provide designs to exceed expectations.


We believe, every Interior should reflect the client’s ideas, image, and goals and should also encompass exciting possibilities previously unexplored. At Prit Designer, we have built a successful business based on ‘Listening to the Customer’ and Optimising space with design & aesthetics and within our client’s budget. We believe that customer satisfaction is derived and delivered only after we understand the customer’s requirements aptly and execute them in compete accordance. Many times, this is achieved by connecting with them & communicating at a personal level, while keeping the bigger perspective in mind. We stick to this tried & tested formulae and hence, may be our exploits qualify us to be termed as ‘Friendly Professional Designer’.


Association with best vendors in the industry due to networking skills. Vast experience results in the creation of functional facilities, saving you countless hours and costly mistakes. Latest technology and material awareness used to create outstanding Interior spaces. Intelligent Space Saving & Management Solution. Think different approach based creativity & innovative concepts. Timely executions through professional planning. Perfect finishing.

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