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Jay Precision Pharmaceuticals Office by Manjusha Shreshta and Hiralal Vishwakarma

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Jay Precision Pharmaceuticals Office by Manjusha Shreshta and Hiralal Vishwakarma

In a short span of four months, the expansive 3000 sq. ft. project, Jay Precision, Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. by Manjusha Shreshta and Hiralal Vishwakarma from Traansformation Design Studio was converted into an exclusive office space.

The briefing given by the client to the architects was to create the flexibility of space to explore, experiment with different materials and colours, which was an enthralling and rejuvenating experience for the team. In the making, the architectural design firm employed various unique ideas, concepts in all the areas to give the clients a taste of the best. Many issues and design remedies that were required to be addressed in relation to the scale and proportion of the raw site was incorporated to make space look larger. The focus was towards creating a modern ambience which percolated the eternal bliss and yet dynamic at the same time. Careful selection of the exact materials and perfect application led to the success of this project.

Jay Precision Pharmaceuticals Office by Manjusha Shreshta and Hiralal Vishwakarma
Jay Precision Pharmaceuticals Office by Manjusha Shreshta and Hiralal Vishwakarma

The Design
The office is a balanced combination of pure lines, clear spaces and vibrant colours. Not all corners of the space are over-glorified. A stunningly shaped table placed at the reception area with white hues and geometrical patterns used as an integral part of the design concept where each cabin has its own sanctity and story. The walls and ceiling are ornamented with wooden textures in the conference room and main passage respectively. The workstation area is created to infuse interest, creativity, boost productivity with functionality. Splashes of green, yellow and blue are used with comfortable office chairs with a soft board with playful tilted lines. The storages are made to complement the workstations with white and grey storages made interesting by the addition of blue niches and artefacts. The colour selections are striking & soothing at the same time.

It was definitely difficult but not impossible to find measures to deal with the beams that almost killing the space height. Certain measures were devised with perfect planning to achieve a balanced, spacious & modern office space, loved by one & all. Different ceiling materials and intricate designs used to cover the beams in sync with the MEP services. According to clients requirement, all the furniture was custom made with the site hand-designed meticulously to acquire the desired results. Different materials like wood, veneer, exclusive laminates, mirror, back-painted glass are used to fabricate marine plywood. The workstation area is impeccable with white and grey combination with the splashes of interesting shades of blue, green and yellow. The furniture is vibrant and exudes energy and life inspired and function-focused. Few old school details are followed according to the norms of the Institution but we have been able to shadow it with our design sensibilities.

The office layout is kept simple, clutter-free with harmonious entrance & reception that leads to the meeting room. There are two doors to the huge 22-seater Conference room. Parallel to it, the workstations are planned to incorporate various sections of the firm. The Managing Director and the manager’s cabin is placed next to each other. The UPS room, Compactor room and Server room are also part of the planned office space. The architects created an entrance that spoke volumes about the company. With the White Statuario Digital tiles combined with artificial green grass, we could establish the same and we maintained connectivity of the entrance with the reception area. The wooden laminated planks in the ceiling with the wooden finish tiles in the floor created the required drama with serenity.

The compact meeting room is made spacious by using white lamination and horizontal grooves on wall panels. The storage unit has ample storage and appears to be part of the wall panelling and a small niche in yellow adds to the beauty of it. The tabletop in wood tones sets the look of the room while the base fabricated in the mirror makes it look cantilevered. Customised paintings, beautiful vases with mesmerizing colourful flowers and thoughtful accessories selected for different sections of the office. A beautiful Buddha head added to the calmness of the meeting room while other artefacts complimented the spaces. In order to avoid maintenance issues, we had to introduce artificial plants in dedicated areas. Workspace area’s featured wall is adorned with inspirational quotes. Each artefact selected has its own significance and importance.

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