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Kohler Celebrated the Details of Design at Milan Design Week 2019

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Kohler Celebrated the Details of Design at Milan Design Week 2019

Kohler Celebrated the Details of Design at Milan Design Week 2019
Kohler Celebrated the Details of Design at Milan Design Week 2019

Kohler, a global lifestyle in Milan Design Week hosted an enticing sensory experience inside the historic Palazzo Del Senato (via Senato, 10, 20121 Milan, Italy). The large-scale immersive exhibit showcases Kohler’s bold approach to design and the brand’s most stunning products through an artful combination of water, technology, texture, and colour. The installation was open from April 9 through April 13 from 10 am – 7 pm daily. Milan Design Week is the ultimate celebration of creativity and innovation among the global design community,” said Jim Lewis, Vice President of Kohler Kitchen and Bath Global Marketing. “The energy and spirit of the event made it the perfect place to explore new ideas and celebrated its latest design expressions with an inspirational audience of designers from around the world.”

Nature plays a pivotal role in the inclusion of a “digital garden” at the entrance of the exhibit as well as an infinity garden that whimsically juxtaposes Kohler’s Smart Home collection. Kohler’s space also featured a bar and lounge area for guests to relax and recharge. Additionally, Kohler used the Palazzo as their platform for the launch of the company’s second global design theme, Experiential Luxury, an examination of the details and layers create rich and dynamic environments. Products featured at this year’s exhibition included the latest from Kohler Co. brands Kohler, Kallista, Ann Sacks and Robern.

Smart Home
Intelligent Toilets offer the perfect combination of sophisticated design and unmatched technology to deliver the finest in personal comfort and cleansing. Extensive customisation – from ambient lighting and wireless music to temperature control, created a truly personalised experience. Digital Showering transforms users’ daily routine by allowing customization down to the tiniest detail. It invites users to orchestrate spray experiences, steam, music and lighting to create a personalised escape. Kohler’s portfolio of Smart Room products helps create the world’s smartest bathrooms.

Color, Material, Finish
With a full range of colours, Kohler finishes visually set the tone for any space’s story and convey a unique personality. The Etchfaucet finish – launching on the Components Collection – offered a beautiful, subtle gradient between two finishes with a precise graphic pattern. A wide range of colours and detailed graphics continue to draw the eye in for a beautiful, decorative impact. Steeped in Japanese culture, Kensho conveyed the story of decorative stitching known as sashiko by using patterns etched in stone. It also leveraged the Italian etching technique known as acqueforti, marrying metals and marbles to create a distinctive level of ornamentation. The shape is gorgeous, the real stone adds texture and variation, and the decorative techniques are stunning.

With precise cuts and ultra-flat surfaces, the Parallel Collection of faucets and accessories brings sophistication to the modern bathroom through controlled expression. The dichotomy of round and square forms is unified by characteristic angles that deliver beautiful reflections and precise alignment. Smaller details deliver character originality and heighten the collection to a higher level of sophistication.

In partnership with the parent company, Kohler Co., Ann Sacks debuts The Crackle Collection by Kohler WasteLAB, an innovative tile series that employs Kohler’s unfired pottery cull as its medium, transforming the waste into a responsive tile body. Handcrafted in the WasteLAB located in the Kohler, Wis. enamel factory, the bespoke collection was one of the initiatives spun from the Kohler Innovation for Good program. Milan serves as the global launch of this collection as well as the premiere of a brand new colourway.

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