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Laminate Flooring-Maintenance

By admin / Published on Tuesday, 16 Oct 2018 11:30 AM / No Comments / 403 views

Laminate flooring is highly scratch-resistant, but not scratch-proof. This implies that if you drag objects across the floor, scratches and lines can still be produced. Hence, you need to be extremely alert while you are moving your furniture around. So, it is advisable to use furniture protectors or caps on the legs of your furniture pieces.

Sometimes, laminate might start popping up which signifies that there is not much provision for future expansion. The furniture pieces may push against the wall and warp. It might be caused by water damage since water percolates through the flooring, causing the swelling of floorboards. Consult with a flooring specialist to provide a solution to this damage.

Laminate floors are not waterproof floors. Hence, we need to consider some pointers for cleaning such floors.

• A damp cloth should be used to clean up the floor, and the residue should be dried off.

• Prefer not to use a dripping wet mop that will soak the material, as this can seep into and under the laminate, causing it to warp and lose its shape.

• Harsh scouring devices can cause scraped areas on the floor. Hence, scrubbing pads and similar items should be kept in the cupboard. Use a soft-bristled broom to brush off the dirt without      causing damage to the surface.

• It would be better if you did not push or drag furniture across the floor as this is more likely to cause damage to the floor. To fix a minor scratch, use repair kits offered by hardware stores.

• Dirt can be easily cleaned away by vacuuming or sweeping. Hard debris and small rocks can be gently cleaned without scratching the laminate surface. Once the dust and debris are removed, a cloth-strip mop to mop the floor.

• Apart from using cleaning products to mop the laminate floors, use water as a cleaning agent. Use vinegar to prevent the formation of water spots. Squeeze out as much water as possible   when mopping, so that the floor can dry more quickly.

How to control the shine on your laminate floor?

1. Laminate flooring loses shine with the accumulation of dirt over time. To restore the shininess of the laminate flooring, homeowners should consume some time and effort to remove the dull and dirty appearance of the laminate floors.

2. Cleaning and mopping fail to restore the shine on your laminate floor, because of the residue coating on the floor. The residue is accumulated over time due to the repeated application of      cleaning products and is more difficult to remove than the usual dirt and debris.

3. Apply some vinegar/ light detergent soaked water to remove residue without damaging the laminate flooring, and wipe a small part of the floor. Keep rubbing until a bright spot is revealed   under the residue.

4. Poor quality laminate floors become dull as they grow old, and not much effort can be applied to restore the shininess of the floor. If the removal of residue fails to restore the shininess of      the  laminate floor, then the surface of the floor is probably worn out.

Maintenance Tips

• The chemical products should be approved by the manufacturers that involve regular cleaning of the floor.

• Doormats can help keep dirt outside where it should be, rather than walked into the house and onto the floor. Some mats protect the floor from getting wet.

• Mop and cloth are used alongside soft brooms to remove the dirtiness of the floor. Pads placed below table legs, and chair castors prohibit the formation of dents.

The best way to preserve the shine on laminate flooring is to clean it regularly. Ultimately, the key is to focus on the maintenance of your laminate floor. It is supposed to be a long-lasting floor and, if appropriately treated, it will.

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