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MAERSK the Design Journey of Ship Container

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MAERSK the Design Journey of Ship Container

MAERSK, a logistics company, dealing with ship containers, has an identity marked globally; this identity had to be juxtaposed when designing their very own office. Broadly, the design concept was the journey of a shipping container, travelling through the sea, halting on islands, and then back into the sea. This journey was molten down as containers floating adrift, dividing workspaces and collaborative zones, subtlety separated as islands, and functioning as breaks, throughout the floor plate.

MAERSK the Design Journey of Ship Container
MAERSK the Design Journey of Ship Container

Although industrial, the interior scheme does not pace through the rigid characters of the theme. All elements are subdued and taken down A notch to inherit warm nature of its own when used alongside one another, we see A smooth amalgamation of materials, cladded or inlayed, flow through, even though there is A transition in space.

Colours used are that which can be prominently identified on ship containers, being blue, white, brown, orange, etc. The interior colour language also turns around in hues of these same tints and shades blending in on the base tones of white and grey. Lines and cuboids are yet another designing aspects. Planar geometry takes a distinctive turn in the representation of this space, as second lines surprisingly fold into third cuboids, and then turn back to second if we observe through a schematic section of the design. The floor plate consists of two sides one larger, the other smaller, distinctively separated with the building core, where the reception is masterfully placed. The longitude length here is brilliantly tackled by using it as a promenade space. The reception table is a beautiful assembly of lines and planes folding, to form a functional piece of art.

The ceiling is adorned with a polished wood perforated panel light unit. This parametric unit is conceptually adapted from the star in the logo. When standing in this space, one can easily co-relate the resemblance of its form to the origin. The entry to the larger workstation zone has an ambiguous design philosophy. By simply blocking a possibly large open entry and tactfully placing slant drywall, creating a bottleneck, the design boasts a branding wall. This is a simple design twist, which promotes the in-house advertising component. The workspace zone is meaningfully divided into smaller bays, not just with passages, but there is a long meeting room incorporating unit, which has corrugated sheets cladded on its periphery, resembling a shipping container.

This unit stands out as an identity marker of the zone, it also consists of a two-way entry collaborative zone, which has artificial turf, and hanging creeper boxes with a green wall. This space is a breakout oasis that is a buffer in two busy work zones. The café is a contrasting space, which displays a wide vista of colours cheerfully mingling with one another. This zone has an industrial theme with a mesh ceiling and lights floating as bubbles mid-air. In conclusion, the design of this space is tailor-made to client needs and work profile. All inputs from the client where tactfully implemented and extracted wit fully into the design. This resulted in maximized end-user satisfaction.

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