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Manikarnika Kangana Ranaut Home in the Scenic Manali

By admin / Published on Thursday, 17 Jan 2019 18:55 PM / 17 Comments / 1142 views

Manikarnika Kangana Ranaut Home in the Scenic Manali

Kangana Ranaut’s vacation home in Simsa Village, Manali, Himachal Pradesh is a project that is all about weaving a story that has an old soul. This home truly justifies the quote that says, “The Mountains are calling and I must go”. Enrapturing the beauty of mountains, bewildering charm of landscape, re-energising wind of Himachal Pradesh the mountain home of the “Queen” is a perfect example of blissful and resplendent beauty. This vintage mountain home with international design sensibilities elicits a fascinating bonding with its resident. This vintage mountain home built on 6280 sq. ft completed in December 2017. The Cine Diva’s home doused in whites, light blues, peaches and other pastel shades, with pops of colour around with one statement piece furniture like a bright accent chair or peppy cushions that add splash of colour. The conservatory in Kangana’s Manali home also sports a tractor counter; an upcycled product introduced by Shabnam’s brand Peacock Life.

Manikarnika Kangana Ranaut Home in the Scenic Manali
Manikarnika Kangana Ranaut Home in the Scenic Manali

The Making

Staying true to the roots of the client, the house resonates the serene atmosphere. The concept envisioned for the space stems from the deepest passions of a mountain vacation home right out of a dream. While designing this mountain home, the vision was to seamlessly weave a story between the traditional rustic warmth of a mountain home with sleek modern lines. Shabnam Gupta, Principal Designer, The Orange Lane says, “This space is a home for someone whose roots have bloomed in these mountains, thus it was imperative to create a space that is grounded, merging with the scenic mountainous view.”


The Living room is the quintessentially vintage mountain home living room with the charm of the old timber ceiling. The wooden floors compliment the ceiling adhering to the charm. Introduction of colour in upholstery in leather and fabric with the pastel library unit housing personalized collectibles and local wood for the cold winter days! One way from the living room leads to the dining room. Dining room houses beautiful hand painted artwork on the walls with the furniture being rustic and wooden.

The other way from the living room extends to the magical glass conservatory. The glass walls continue into the ceiling creating a space that is completely among the mountains yet enclose. With beautiful hand printed Bhart tiles and quirky Peacock life furniture the space has the warmth against the scenic background. The hanging bulb lighting add to the charm and one could spend hours here! The Mandir is one of the most calming spaces in the house. Continuing the hand painted artwork that relates to the space with stone and brass idols from native places make this a space truly calm. The gym ceiling houses concrete vaults and a mirror wall with half height wooden panelling and wooden flooring creating a classic gym.

The Interiors

The muted grey tone of the house was so decided to blend into its surrounding. The long French windows were so designed to act as a natural extension of the house into the mountains. Utilising the natural conditions, Shabnam said, “We incorporated the glass conservatory, a room with glass folding from the ceiling into the walls, giving one the complete view of the surrounding yet being indoors. The interiors carry forward the same ideology, creating warm spaces that makes you feel at home instantaneously. The use of wood is well balanced with pastel shades.”  The muted greys of the exterior transform into soft tones of taupe with panelling and hand painted motifs. Greeted upon entry with a wooden console housing Knick-knacks and big ornate mirror in brass-finished frames, this house is all about the little details. The cornice detail continues harmoniously throughout the house adding a little romance to the rugged backdrop of the scenery.

Other Designing Aspects

Staircase in the home is the central space as it connects the two zones of the house. Moving from one to the other it is important to continue the language. The staircase unlike any other is a grand one with wooden treads and risers with railing detail. The wall adjoining the staircase houses locally sourced items that are a reflection of Manali and photo frames from travels/connection.

The master bedroom is a much personalised space reflection of the Kangana’s personality, harnessing the feeling of luxury and comfort. The breath-taking views are accentuated with the design of the room being soft in its shades while bold in its detailing. The large dresser exudes grandness while a cozy seating corner next to fireplace exudes comfort. The guest bedroom is a true translation of a English space. With teal and wood synchronizing together. Being a guest bedroom the idea was to keep it very neutral yet in sync with the mountain charm of the home. The den was designed to be a leisure space. The unwinding zone within house that translates into the hangout spot. The “Divan” informal seating with quirky wall frames and collectibles from around the world creating a story on the wall. The grey & white hand printed Bhart floor tiles with off white unit complete this space.

Accessorising the Rooms

The guest bedroom features a bed and side table designed by The Orange Lane. The vintage silver object on the side table is locally sourced, as the rug. Shabnam’s interiors are filled with mountain charm with hand-painted wood panelling in the hallway looks as if it belongs in St. Moritz, not Manali; there’s plaid upholstery, family photos and antique shawls that double as throws. The only giveaways that you’re in the home of a major Bollywood starlet are the home gym and the cinematic snow-topped mountain views from every room, including the all-glass conservatory a resting place for the star.  In the entrance foyer—a set of red ‘Cinema’ chairs from Peacock Life add drama to the pastel palette, while the birdcage lighting is from The Kaleido Store in Mumbai. Ranaut’s yoga room features teak hardwood flooring, while the ceiling is in vaulted concrete. The chandelier is from Good Earth.

The high ceilings capture the beautiful openness of the hills in Shabnam’s design with a breath-taking view or a beautiful garden outdoors! The high ceiling also gives you an option to explore more lighting options like chandeliers. The actor’s house, though minimalistic in approach, features spacious interiors with clean lines. A clutter-free design, demarcated every zone in an open layout for a smooth design flow that easily captures anyone’s attention. Hardwood-flooring, wooden beams in the ceiling and even painted wooden furniture add to the charm. This Livspace Mumbai home has a Tata truck’s front mask that doubles as a bar unit. The kitchen was made larger, a dining room was introduced and the terrace area became the go-to space for relaxing, entertaining or even spending a quiet evening with family. To create the effect we had planned, we completely demolished and redesigned the space.

Personality effects

Kangana is known for her bold, enterprising, outspoken but a real rooted personality and as expected her new abode is a real treat with rustic, industrial and classical elements working harmoniously together. An impeccable job by designer Shabnam Gupta the look of her house was created drawing inspiration from different elements across her spacious home. The highlights are high glass ceiling in her conservatory, pastel-coloured walls, farmhouse-like feels with wooden floors, antique accents, edgy furniture, the cosy fireplace and the incandescent lights that conveys a spaciousness and class that is unparalleled, a perfect setting for a quiet getaway or to throw a star-studded party.  The result is an earthy, open home with a free spirit.

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