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Masala Pot by Sujay Kulkarni

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Masala Pot by Sujay Kulkarni

The hotel restaurant represents the heart of the hotel & also its public face. We once thought of restaurant as being divided into 3 basic categories – Western, Indian & Chinese. But the restaurant has always been about more than just food as tableware, furniture, interior design, the uniform of chef & the service staff all contribute to the restaurant-going experience. This theme restaurant is nestled in a reputed hotel in the city.

Masala Pot by Sujay Kulkarni
Masala Pot by Sujay Kulkarni

THE CHALLENGE: The space introduced was for a multi-cuisine restaurant that is a narrow linear series of rooms used as a staff restroom located in the backyard of hotel building facing the cluttered rear side of a hospital.

CONCEPT: To overcome the challenge aforesaid, the basic concept was to use maximum natural light which ultimately derivate the overall theme of the space. The concept of naturality is further elaborated by creating a backdrop with natural materials.


Light is character – Shadow is reputation. Light & shadow with different terminologies in a singular space makes the space modular, subtle and serene. The air-conditioned dining space is well lit up & ready for socialising hunger.

Terracotta styled indoor flooring and natural brick flooring outside resonate the spatial beauty.

A natural umbrella roof made of bamboo sticks over wooden rafters acts as a metaphor to the landscape & creates a sense of a hut.

Naturally textured adobe walls rejuvenate the sunlight and space.

Tailor-made artefacts add grandeur to the overall backdrop.

 Concrete pots
 Concrete walls with bottles
 Lighted overturned boat
 Lighted beer cask

A buzzing fish-filled water body with a coconut tree island adds tranquillity to space.

The roughened texture of wood panelling and a crackled signboard with soft stone claddings to the frame adds some age to the quintessential style.

Kitchen placed on the axial to the length of the eatery in order to maintain swift service. The material palette is kept natural and unicore. Whitewashed walls with grey interdictors conclude into adobe walls. Simple fabricated furniture, loose upholstery, paintings & bamboo blinds make the Mediterranean joint placid.

Name of Architect: Sujay Kulkarni
Project Type: Interior Design
Name & Location: Masala Pot- Multicuisine Restaurant
Project Area: 1875 Sq.Ft. (Indoor+Outdoor+Kitchen)
Cost of Project: INR 40,00,000

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