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Minnie Bhatt Designs Eclectic Contemporary and Advanced

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Minnie Bhatt Designs Eclectic Contemporary and Advanced

Diploma Holder in Interior Design, Minnie Bhatt fuses technical tenacity, cultural identities and native craftsmanship to design contemporary, hybrid spaces. The Mumbai based creative designer was exposed to heritage structures and the charm of vintage buildings while growing up in South end of the city. She went on to train under some of the most renowned interior designers in the country and with the learnings she founded– Minnie Bhatt Designs, eight years ago.

Minnie Bhatt Designs Eclectic Contemporary and Advanced
Interior Designer, Minnie Bhatt Founder of Minnie Bhatt Designs

Her design philosophy

With 22 glorious years in the world of design experience, even today, each day is just as exciting for Minnie, who challenges herself to create and evolve with every new project. Minnie Bhatt has trained under some very renowned interior designers and with her experience, she set up – Minnie Bhatt designs. Our work philosophy is to create spaces that are timeless, eclectic and tasteful. There is a conscious endeavour to steer clear from repetitive design, and create unique spaces, be it residential or commercial projects.

In a subconscious way, her childhood influences of the old world neighbourhoods often, find their way subtly into the spaces she creates.  “My style of design is mainly eclectic and contemporary. I try to ensure that everything I do is specific to the client, wherein a space not only reflects their personality but also is in sync with my aesthetics,” she reveals. In a world that is in a constant state of flux, “I try to design spaces that are timeless and authentic,” she adds. She draws inspiration from materials, finishes, and follows Japanese designer Nendo’s work.


A restaurant called Myx in Juhu, Mumbai is a trendy and eclectic canvas,  space with a rendezvous of whimsical chic with solid shades. When entered a warm greeting is exchanged with huge hand painted motif on the wall of a woman looking out on the world with her binoculars along with ample of knick-knacks such as vintage video cameras that adorn the space.

Inside the diner, artistry, ingenuity and good ol’ Indian hospitality come together to make every gourmand’s heart and eyes wander. Solid earthy shades and monochromes complement the customised furniture. The furniture unifies different aesthetics. For instance, the crimson coloured tables are paired together, where they are partly painted and partly polished. There is a conscious endeavour to steer clear from repetitive design, and create unique spaces, be it residential or commercial projects. The mantra of Minnie

She has worked on residential projects for some renowned names from the entertainment industry and a whole lot of popular restaurants and bars, namely, House of Daaruwala, Radio Bar, Chin Chin Chu, Effingut Bandra, Burma Burma- Noida, Delhi & Bengaluru, Via Bombay, Bindass Begum Rocking Raja, Nau Se Barah, Mirchi & Mime, Ghaas Phoos, Firki, Nom Nom, Silver Beach Cafe, Aureole, myxx, Fable, Oh!Dough, Family Tree, True Tramm Trunk, Basanti & Co etc. Bhatt Designs is not only to create exquisite spaces that are timeless and authentic, but also never to repeat these creations.

Another unique project that makes a special mention in Minnie’s profile of work is a 400-year-old temple in Vrindavan, Mathura. This particular project involved Minnie to recondition the temple whilst retaining the old heritage interior. Besides, studying the subject of Lord Krishna closely, she also traveled across the country in search of the best craftsmen to work on the temple.

Together they created a beautiful backdrop for the idols in the form of peacock feathers with semiprecious stones like lapis, malachite and amethyst inlaid in white Makrana marble. ‘Tree of life’ inspired jalis in marble or the windows of the prayer hall, a tree to shade the sandstone idols of Krishna and his consort Radha, in pure Brass. She involved artisans from Rajasthan and Agra carves the stone facade of the temple extension.

Of Recent times

Today, Minnie with her creative genes has been single-handedly re-defining the restaurant interiors with innovation. She understands that the success of a restaurant does not only depend on food and drinks but the ambience also plays a major role in retaining customers.

Minnie Bhatt Designs is currently working on several hospitality, residential and other commercial spaces. The process of each project involves getting into the depth of the concept and also giving it character that reflects the personality of the owner. Hence, fulfilling her drive and passion for her work.



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