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Nation 11 Restaurant a Contemporary Design Inspired Project

By admin / Published on Thursday, 25 Jul 2019 18:45 PM / No Comments / 128 views

Nation 11 Restaurant a Contemporary Design Inspired Project

Nation 11 Restaurant a Contemporary Design Inspired Project is a distinctive restaurant project by Prashant Kulshreshtha of Ogling Inches Design Private Limited is 23,422 sq ft project in Satara, Maharashtra. This project is situated in the main area of Satara prominently located in the market area, where the architect wanted to create something that will gain the attention of the residents of the city as well as travellers passing by.

Nation 11 Restaurant a Contemporary Design Inspired Project
Nation 11 Restaurant Satara


From the beginning of design, the architects tried to seek a clever inclusion of the landscape to build an urban garden looking restaurant, likeable by all in complex city life with an abundance of concrete structures around. The restaurant is designed as an amalgam of the following spaces – Linear entry corridor.

The pergola seating area over one side. Family seating area on the other side. Calm and soothing garden seating. Bar zone. The design ideology according to the architect takes inspiration from the spirits of contemporary design where the screens, furniture, light fixtures are all set in decor as contemporary interpretations with an intervention on the partition screen with a strong geometrical attitude. Among all elements, some surprise experiences blend harmoniously and enhance the overall ambience with glamorous, coloured hexagonal ceilings. It juxtaposes the interior & is one of the major highlights, which is hard to neglect.

Garden living was designed like the restaurant surrounded by gardens so that the guests can enjoy the beauty of nature while relaxing in the comfortable interior. The whole space has been designed in such a way that it blends with the natural elements and dining areas smoothly. A combination of finishes has been used to create playful variations in the exterior as well as the interiors. The exposed brick with raw finish or form finish concrete creates contrasting textures.


The central courtyard is adorned with lit up horizontal screens, creating a glittery effect at night. The front facade is designed in such a way, which gives a glance of the interior and overall vibes while maintaining the privacy of guests dining in. The centre courtyard is designed with a water body and lush greeneries with beautiful flamingos to add life to the whole courtyard. With balanced yet striking different texture, the exterior looks lucrative from the highway nearby, inviting more & more guests in.

The large opening creates a welcoming environment. It provides natural light during the day, as well as panoramic views both in and out during the night where the lobby and the overall seating area is in predominantly dark grey tone tile, while the pergola area has wood to tile and translucent roofing to create a striking difference between other seating spaces.  The bar is placed on one side with a more intimate area having separate entry and exit where the bar counter is designed like a centrepiece of the bar area with black granite top and different reflective and luxury surface cladding.

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