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Nimisserie-A Fine Dining Space by Kembhavi Architecture

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The brief of Nimisserie was to create a fine dine space combining traditional Indian cuisine to molecular gastronomy on an area of around 6,000 sq. ft. This is a fine dining space for bar, formal dining, casual dining and curated private dining zones where the requirement was unique to the place. Here the infusion of a concept of tawaki a derivative of tepanyaki and a Kebabree comprising of a horizontal mechanically operated tandoor. The architectural expression of the brief entailed a contemporary opulent space with sublime Indianness. Nimisserie-A Fine Dining Space by Kembhavi Architecture.

Nimisserie-A Fine Dining Space by Kembhavi Architecture
Nimisserie-A Fine Dining Space by Kembhavi Architecture

The project located on a busy CBD junction was spaced over two floors and opened out to a large semi-circular panoramic view. The spatial composition of the spaces with its dominant semi-circular panorama inspired the thought process articulating an open space composed of sinuous curves as a composition to the existing area defining varied zones.

As a strong statement the entrance lobby was a steel and glass composition housing a wine display through which one could burst into a large expanse of dining space back dropped by curved show kitchen clad with rich  mirror mosaic strategically composed to capture myriad images of the traffic outside adding allure and drama. The upper level was designed a more casual space housing the kebabree and the tawaki as major point of interest. Molecular gastronomy is a process that involves fully and interpretation of physical and chemical transformation that occur in cooking.

The concept evolved around the space that was transformational – with major emphasis on the curved kitchen facade that captured movement through its reflections and gave the space an ever-transformational aura, a strong perforated backlit jaali subtly reminiscent of vibrant opulent Indian tradition used as a principle composition in the false ceiling binding the space. The place that intended to celebrate food was made festive through composition of light through perforated jaalis and blown glass tungsten lamps.

A horizontal tandoor backed with warm hued rough-cut logs. Tungsten blown lamps located strategically along the façade creating a visual drama in both the interior and the exterior. View from the bar towards the entrance flanked by the chrome and glass rack wine display. The jaalis form a strong design statement and terminate at the shimmering show kitchen.

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