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Novotel Hotel Lucknow Defining New Designing Concepts of Luxury

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Novotel Hotel Lucknow Defining New Designing Concepts of Luxury

Architect Ahmed Shaikh has designed Novotel inspired by the city’s rich heritage and culinary legacy in order to meet the needs of everyone , everywhere whether people coming with their family or for a holiday or on a business trip. Hotel Novotel is impressive to an eye of the visitors with 106 rooms and 2 suites, defines a new concept of luxury wrapped in comfort and of familiarity. Guest feel contended with a landscape setting and astonishing drop-off with waterfall, ultimately cutting the scorching heat of the summer winds.

Novotel Hotel Lucknow Defining New Designing Concepts of Luxury
Novotel Hotel Lucknow Defining New Designing Concepts of Luxury

One gets captivated with welcoming pleasantries of the hotel . A delicate, artfully created wooden jaali (revival of traditional craft chikankari) at the entry and by a mystical chandelier. Guest are visually arrested by a main reception desk of onyx marble has a beautiful backdrop of textured copper leafy panel highlighting the counter. Apart from this, we have a luxurious waiting lounge, coffee outlet serving appetizing deserts, meeting rooms , banquets , ball room,restaurants , spa , gymnasium and guest rooms with high end convertible furniture and equipment.

Architect Ahmed Shaikh had carefully selected such astonishing patterns, daunting fabrics for carpets and modernized chandeliers (accentuating the space) , giving the feel of grandness and induced cove led lightings recessed under ceilings alcoves( illuminating the area). The main dining space is formally adding both energy and movement to the experience and ambience appeal has also extended to a wider audience with a layout which generates atmosphere, style and comfort. Separate dining space for couples and families bifurcated with mesh jail creates more intimate dining space.

Meeting rooms is fitted with leading- edge ,ergonomic furnishings to give guest an ideal venue for meetings .The space also provides carpets  in custom patterns adding grace . View from the terrace is very evoking, one gazing at the spectacular city scenery. Visitors can contemplate at the depth of the pool, under the blue of an infinity sky. An elegant linearity of the pool and its interiors is perfectly blended. Architect made the interiors more spacious, harmonious & minimalist, adding touches in depth of sophistication, keeping in mind the delicacy of lucknow’s culture.

The color palette is intentionally subdued and the ambience rather classy.The Novotel Hotel, a place for tourist, seek to remain ultra urban, peppering the inside with a dose of the outside, with objects & combination in public areas and views of the streets from the rooms,presents a vital image as an international city.

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