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Pankaj and Bhakti Popat of Ornate Projects Setting Example of Timeless Designs

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Design is about making people happy functionally, aesthetically or emotionally is the belief of the firm.Pankaj and Bhakti Popat of Ornate Projects Setting Example of Timeless Designs.

Pankaj and Bhakti Popat of Ornate Projects Setting Example of Timeless Designs
Pankaj J Popat Principal Designer of Ornate Projects

Pankaj J Popat Principal Designer of Ornate Projects believe that a good design is a lot like clear thinking that is made visual. According to them design is like narrating a bespoke story to its visitors and delivering outstanding workmanship under very difficult timelines. Mr Popat completed his graduation from VJTI with first class. He has worked with leading firms of the country in his early years. Pankaj J Popat founded Ornate Projects in 1990 to give shape to his passion and vision as an interior designer with a vision and knowledge. He imparts his vision and knowledge as a design head of this multi-disciplinary firm Ornate Projects. OP stands tall on Pankaj’s experience of three decades of trust in the industry of design. In a span of over three decades OP under his guidance has completed handover of more than 400 versatile projects ranging from an entire spectrum of factories units, corporate offices, boutiques, commercial and retail design, bungalows, second homes, high-end residence apartments.

He has completed over 2,00,000 sq. ft. of factories in cities like Mumbai, Dahanu, Shirwal, etc, These factory units work on the chain production system. He is India’s trusted name in construction of pharma, jewellery, laundry manufacturing system factory units. Delivering such a complex plans of the business is something that he and his team has worked flawlessly. The firm’s principle revolves around delivering quality with impossible handover timelines, bespoke design solutions. It so happens that the project opening date is decided even way before the demolition work has started.

To deliver quality under such challenging situations and strike a balance between materials and execution is the firm’s prime forte. He understands very well the concept of meeting committed dates and timelines. He takes up complex projects on under difficult timelines and deliver outstanding workmanship that are important on time and in budget. He firmly believes that design is based on ‘When we build let us think that we build forever’. Let it not be for present delight nor for present use alone. Let it be such work that our descendants will thank us for and let us think as we lay stone upon stone, that is the time when these stones will be held sacred because our hands have touched them and that men will say, as they look upon the labour and wrought substance of them.

Design is about making people happy functionally, either aesthetically or emotionally. What makes it more interesting is his flawlessly committed approach of treating every project individualistically. Repeating make them so monotonous. Every client, every project, every need is unique. A vision of his reminds of queen and kings of the yesteryear’s stepped out of their kingdom all decked up for an auspicious ceremony giving a glimpse of their presence to the viewers who envy them. Every project revolves neatly with flowing threads of a story to be told to its visitors. He is also qualified as an engineer where he has the power to create of a self-taught designer, which imparts the visualisation.

Bhakti Bhojwani Interior Designer & Partner Ornate Projects

Bhakti Bhojwani

Trends exist to make people feel badly about what they don’t have. Rather design should be timeless. Being born to a legacy family, which has always been in the world of design and construction, right from her childhood Bhakti Bhojwani grew up seeing raw canvas spaces transform into amazing spaces. When anyone asked her, what she wants to do when she grew up? she was sure she wants to do interior design and style spaces. She strongly believes one should choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Creating a beautiful interior is something that comes instinctively and gives her great pleasure. Currently, she works as an Interior Designer & Partner with her father at Ornate Projects a Mumbai-based design firm; designing, executing & styling a wide range of commercial, residential and retail spaces. She graduated from Rachna Sansad in interior designing. Being born in the family of designers who are established in the field of design and construction nepotism was tagged to her. It’s harder than you think to break the glass of illusion extra hard work to prove the in-born talent. Having struggled her way through extreme late nights and hard work, she attained a first class in college. She was felicitated in hospitality and retail design from Hosts – Next Gen creations and later by the institution in her final years of education. She candidly says she was happy to be grilled the way she was as it moulded her taste to a shine finely as opulent air of interior design and style. Today, her clients recognises her efforts, vision and her creativity. They see this creativity combined and pivoted by technology as an inborn gift of representing her fierce undaunting style.

Primarily her forte lies in branding boutique commercial stores, designing and styling retail boutique and luxury residences apart from other spaces of a bungalow and offices. Her recent works involve a bespoke luxury boutique one of its kind for Mumbai’s high end leading jewellery brands. She not only helps her father with the day-to-day workings of the office but has also introduced new technologies and software to the firm. Bhakti expanded her father’s legacy of construction, management consultancy, chain form of interior design for production factory units to interior design consultancy and brought in material procurement, interior styling, styling products, imaginative designing all under one roof.

“I see myself as a story teller, clients hire me to write their biographies but instead of using words I use fabrics, textures, elements, items personal to them.” she says. Owing to her distinguished taste in style and creativity, every piece of art and furniture is commissioned and handmade in-house by explicit workmen trained in various fields of art. Ornate pieces of furniture are created with utmost detailing by the Ornate Projects in-house team of talented contractors, workers, artisans and consultants on our panel.


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