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PD Studio – A Complete Design Experience

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PD Studio – A Complete Design Experience

PD Design Studio designed by Pritesh Meisheri is an established new office that has used a variety of materials and along with the concepts/ themes. Prit Designers work on all the areas placed in the premises according to Vaastu concepts with the best output. The office consists of a reception area with waiting, director’s cabins, conference room, staff area, pantry and restroom, studio room and lunchroom at the mezzanine level.

PD Studio – A Complete Design Experience
PD Studio – A Complete Design Experience

Reception Area: They have taken a modern concept with an urban look with the application of white bricks partly. A single white composite marble stone is used as flooring where the stretch ceiling is being done in MDF; cut grill has been applied on the ceiling too.

Director’s Cabin I: The cabin belongs to a senior citizen where the concept was to design this cabin is in a traditional manner, therefore it was designed using Italian marble concept to design the overall so looking towards that, we chose traditional concept. We have used Italian marble as flooring and the same has been used for the tabletop also. In addition, wallpaper is used on the back wall and few artefacts to give the better look to the cabin.

Director Cabin II: The cabin has been designed in a contemporary theme. The furniture is all made up of MDF and has done colour lamination on it. We have used natural wood like flooring. The cabin is given a full height ceiling with a simple hanging light on the table. The back wall is having Flex stone applied to it changing the whole beauty of the cabin.

Director Cabin III: The cabin is given a modern theme. We have used 3D MDF board on the back wall of the table. PVC wooden flooring and Armstrong grid ceiling has been used in the cabin. The director table is having a glass top and leather and laminate has been used as a finishing material.

Staff Area: The staff area is given a corporate theme with a linear and elementary design; the interior designer has used vitrified grey tiles as flooring. In addition, Innofitt workplace accessories and Armstrong grid ceiling in the staff area are used with a colour theme of grey and white, where white PVC laminate and the grey laminate is used.

Conference Room: A combination of laminate and natural wood giving the minimalist theme to the room with natural wooden flooring is laid on the floor with the conference table is made using wood. Designed MDF sheet is applied on the ceiling with metallic paint. Venetian blinds are put up on the window to highlight.

Garden Area: The area is designed in a Balinese style using wooden flooring and pinewood in the ceiling. Artificial grass is laid at the centre of the garden area with small chairs and centre table. The spiral staircase has been made to go at the mezzanine level.

Studio Room: The studio room is located at the mezzanine level, which is almost hung having the support of the single pillar. The room is designed in a Zen style, which reflects balance, harmony and relaxation. It is often associated with minimalism, simplicity and purity of lines. We have highlighted the open storage in the room giving a red colour to it. We have used natural wood like flooring. We have a discussion table with sofa & couch made in the room for the client to have a conversation.

Lunch Area: The area is laid by wooden flooring at the mezzanine level. Mirror has been laid on one of the walls to give a bigger look to the area. Lunch table is of glass top made up of natural wood.

Pantry and Restroom: Pantry is having modular cabinets below platform and O/h storage as well. We have made two restrooms, one for staff and other for directors of the office. The director’s restroom is made up of Italian marble. The staff restroom is having a mirror on the walls to give a larger look and joint fewer tiles have been used as flooring.

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