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Prashant Kulshreshtha an Architect with Extraordinary Designing Style

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Prashant Kulshreshtha an Architect with Extraordinary Designing Style

‘Ogling Inches Design Private Limited’ founded in Pune, Maharashtra in 2009 by Prashant Kulshreshtha who has a rich experience of over a decade working with some renowned firms and clients, designing some remarkable and significant residential and commercial projects. He has extensive experience of working with some legendary names in architecture Christopher Charles Benninger Architects and Pune’s prominent developer Paranjape Schemes who has a diverse portfolio that spans across residential, commercial and mixed-use projects.

Prashant Kulshreshtha an Architect with Extraordinary Designing Style
Prashant Kulshreshtha an Architect with Extraordinary Designing Style

Ogling Inches Design believes that the end product is always the result of a process of engagement with the client, the site and with the key requirements, which emerges from the brief. This process is a truly creative one because the end is not known at the beginning. It gently emerges because of the constant exploration of how innovative design can still tick all the performance criteria boxes.  Pune being the developing city; in 2009, Ogling Inches was successfully able to launch its thought-provoking and quirky design to the people who were looking for a change. Rather than a ‘typical’ design style, Ogling Inches spearheaded the design and its effect on the common people.

Ogling Inches Design Architects’ design emerges from the idea that building/ spaces should be expressive and reflect contemporary life. Innovation is at the core of our design process. We believe that bold design must be realised with sustainable technology and we strongly believe that the art of designing lies in creating a maximum impact within the constraints of budgets and functionality. It believes it is crucial to engage the client in this problem-solving journey. In that way the client is brought into the design process, taking ownership of design decisions, understanding why they have been made and how they work to achieve an outstanding result. Ogling Inches endeavours to create each project unique in itself researching over the international interior design trends and International architectural works. It has been also named into Top 50 GenNxt designers of India 2017.

Ogling Inches Serves client in three ways:

Interior Design Consultancy
With its vast experience of detailed designing, it offers Interior design services for Residential, Commercial, and institutional projects. Whether it is a home design, apartment, villa, Salon, Office, Hospital, School or Restaurant.

Architecture Turnkey Interior execution and Design-Build
Ogling Inches Offers End to End solution of design to built projects where it takes care of all its clients’ hassles with the best vendors in town. Everything from the initial design phase to construction is handled by one Ogling Inch, meaning there is only one contract involved. This makes for one unified flow of work from the initial concept through project completion. With any design-build project, Ogling Inches take all responsibility for every aspect of a build, from estimations, architectural designs, pre-construction, subcontracting, construction, and post-construction. Since its inception, ogling inches has served and completed 125 projects, which majorly include hospitality, offices and residential spaces. Currently Ogling Inches is working on 1 lakh sq ft of spaces and 50,000 sq ft of architecture and construction sites.


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