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Reusable Formwork for Reinforced Slabs – SKYDOME

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Reusable Formwork for Reinforced Slabs – SKYDOME

SKYDOME by Geoplast is a modular formwork system in ABS plastic created to build biaxial waffle slabs completely on-site. The system was designed to decrease the weight of traditional full-concrete slabs. The dome-shaped forms create a matrix of voids surrounded by orthogonal ribbing, thus producing a two-way configuration very suitable for large-spanning slabs.

Reusable Formwork for Reinforced Slabs - SKYDOME
Reusable Formwork for Reinforced Slabs – SKYDOME

The SKYDOME system includes a range of ABS domes of various depths (H 250, 300, 350 e 400 mm), set on special interlocking supports, which make assembly fast and easy. ABS plastic is extremely resistant, therefore all of Geoaplst’s formwork can be reused more than 100 times.The self-weight of concrete slab formed with SKYDOME is up to 30% lower than a full concrete slab. This is an advantage as it reduces the oscillation of a building during an earthquake. The product is also an advantage in terms of noise reduction, improving the acoustics in a building.


Seismic resistance SKYDOME hollowed slab reduces the mass of the structure producing considerable advantages in seismic performance.
Large spans SKYDOME system makes it possible to design slabs spanning up to 13 m without drop beams or other protruding elements.
Lightness The composing elements are very light and can be easily installed and handled.
Architecture The waffle slab is pleasing to the eye and can be left exposed, creating aesthetically enjoyable environments.
Reuse ABS plastics does not stick to concrete, thus dismantling is extremely easy making the formwork very quickly available for the next cycle.
Acoustics The shape of the domes reduces sound waves, improving the acoustics of the structure.



Slabs for Commercial Buildings

SKYDOME, a structural-efficient solution that allows the obtainment of a flat intrados with spans up to 13-14 m, an agreeable finish from an architectural point of view and the creation of lightened bidirectional slabs which permit to obtain a completely cast on-site building with a coffered or flat intrados and large spans. The elements used can be recovered reducing the slab cost.

Slabs for Residential Buildings

SKYDOME creates a “pleasing to the eye” and high-performing slab that is bidirectional and generally used to create compartments designed for garages or basements. The possibility to obtain large spans avoiding the insertion of an excessive amount of load-bearing elements will also allow a better space management and the possibility to easily modify them in the case of building usage change or restoration. Slabs for Healthcare and Educational Buildings. The building of a lightened bidirectional slab fulfils all the following points:

Seismic Behaviour Fire Resistance Vertical

Structures Optimization (Walls and Columns)

It allows the reduction of the slab’s weight and the seismic mass that may be stressed during an earthquake by granting all the user’s safeguard and the fully availability of key rooms. A lightened slab created with SKYDOME by Geoplast can reach the level of fire resistance as hospitals and schools are required to strictly respect by REI regulations.

Slabs for Corporative Buildings

A Corporative building can have various architectural forms and different sizes so that a single solution cannot exist. The creation of bidirectional flat decks is very suitable for this situation. Moreover, in the case of multi-storey buildings the vertical structures together with the slabs lightness allows the obtainment of both structural and space management advantages. SKYDOME combines a lighter solution with a better space management and bidirectional slabs; the for work is reusable so that the cost can be reduced.

Slabs for Parking Lots

The three main requests in the case of the creation of slabs for parking lots are:

Large Spans

High Bearing Capability

Compartments Useful Height

The most suitable solution is the creation of a plate slab, a bidirectional solution. To improve the plate structure, the creation of lightened and bidirectional decks for lightening the entire structure is recommended. This will also allow the extension of the slabs between the columns in order to optimize their placing, gain parking spaces and improve the operating spaces. Furthermore, the slab lightening avoids the non- standard thickness beams and pulvines taking complete advantage of the useful compartments height, gaining a set of ten centimeters in the case of a multi-storey parking lot.

Information Source: Archdaily

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