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Sai Bungalow by Kapil Desai

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Sai Bungalow by Kapil Desai

The site is located in a moderately populated area in Kolhapur city and is surrounded by free-hold plots. There is a road on the north and east side and from south to north we have 2 m slope. The client is more founded in gardens and hence more plantation has been done. There was a requirement was of maximum green, parking area for 4 cars, 4 bedrooms, 2 family lounges, Kitchen, Dining, Pooja Room & Servant unit.

Sai Bungalow by Kapil Desai
Sai Bungalow by Kapil Desai

Hence, the planning was done to take advantage of the north light, healthy east light, all the semi-public area are located on these sides. While private areas like the bedroom are towards the south-west side. To illuminate the central atrium, we have provided one skylight in the staircase and common areas. To take advantage of the Westside breeze maximum openings are designed by providing 3m terrace with developed garden for cooling effect.

On the ground floor, we have designed stilt level parking with 10 m span column fewer structures for easy driveways along with servant unit and common utility areas. A plush green garden at the entrance invites us with an 8 feet height steps with beautiful step side water fountain. There is a cut-off waiting lobby on the same level with 2 elegant seating. Here the flooring is done by emerald Chocó brown granite. In the small space at 9 feet window is designed which invites east sidelight. Moving further towards a living area which is 1 foot & 6 inches above from the waiting area. To maintain the openness partial barriers low height partition has been created in between waiting, living and dining.

As we move further there is central atrium towards the stairs on the right side of the stairs we have the living room with multiple trendy furniture and flooring in vitrified slabs complementing each other. Huge windows are designed towards the north and west side to pour in ample light and ventilation. On the west side of the atrium, we have dining space connected with the family lounge and Puja room which covers the entire width of the building. To take advantage of the cross ventilation west-east side window is designed.  The dining area is directly connected with the modular kitchen on the same level. The Kitchen area is illuminated by east side light with the help of 12 feet wide tall heighted window on the east side.

From the atrium, we have steps leading towards the 1st floor. The steps are cladded with the natural rains forest marble with dark yellow ochre in colour with the impression of roots. The vertical wall is cladded by natural fossil marble with the patterns and frame with a natural teak wooden plank. On the top of the stair case and the atrium, area skylight is provided with glass covering and safety grill on the top. On the same level beneath the skylight wooden pergolas are provided for play of shadow attached with a wooden ceiling in the family lounge on the 1st floor. Glass railing is provided in the peeping area of the atrium.

On the 1st-floor family lounge with minimalistic seating are provided and lounge chairs with different styles as well as upholstery. This area is directly connected to the first-floor common terrace area. There is a small uplifted area for meditation. On the 1st floor is also designed to have 3 bedrooms, 1 master bedroom and 2 for kids. For external façade two-colour material is used, texture plaster with light walnut shade and dark walnut wooden planks with vertical lobs. UPBC windows of maximum are used here. Black aspart stone cladding with “ kappri” pattern is used in small quantity to distract the harmony. Punctures on the façade walls are provided as a shading device from heat and direct sunstroke.

Green Features

• Solar Panels are provided on the terrace for reduction

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