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Sequel Bistro One of Its Kind Project By Creative Mavericks of MuseLAB

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Sequel Bistro One of Its Kind Project By Creative Mavericks of MuseLAB Huzefa Rangwala and Jasem Pirani

The brief from the clients was very clear that the palette of their flagship café located in Bandra is to be built upon and extended to this space as well. Sequel is both a café and a juice bar combined. Three large windows along the street level give a glimpse into the cafe. The juice bar sits at the one end of the café with visibility from all ends and entrance of the café. The design challenge was to create a connection between two disparate locations; the high ceiling ed space at Upadrastha House and the quaint space in Bandra with an outdoor courtyard and yet maintain the individualistic character of the space. The total area of this project and the execution according to layout was 800 sq ft bestowed with high ceilings and a raw old-Mumbai vibes. The new space manages to establish a  connection between the disparity of the two locations, purely through design.

Sequel Bistro One of Its Kind Project By Creative Mavericks of MuseLAB
Sequel Bistro One of Its Kind Project By Creative Mavericks of MuseLAB

The entrance is situated in the lobby of a building, which became the transition space between the café and the street. At the head of the space is the juice bar, which is visually connected to all corners, including the entrance. Visitors have the option of picking between the different seating options that dot the space – tables with benches, a communal table and high bar stools at the juice bar. The colour theme and furniture used for this project is at the heart of the design are simple, natural materials, which lead to a neutral colour palette that evokes earthiness. Micro concrete cement flooring from Bharat Flooring, glass, wood and bricks come together to lend an authenticity to the space, which is only broken by the fresh green panters hanging from the ceilings and the pots standing on the shelves of the bar unit.

Design Challenges Encountered

The Bandra outpost of Sequel is a small, quaint space with and outdoor courtyard where naturally, there is a good environment for plants and trees to grow. Our site in Kala Ghoda was the exact opposite. It had high ceilings and was across from the Jewish Synagogue. The outdoor plants had to now be put indoors and although we had some one the floor, we went about creating a system of suspended planters from the ceiling with a drip irrigation plumbing system. Also, there were a host of kitchen equipment which needed to be accommodated in a compact yet functional kitchen. HVAC was another area where we faced several challenges given the volume of the space. The space was beautifully lit with natural light during the day. A series of 9w suspended track lights in 3000k temperature were interspersed amidst the hanging planters. The Sequel Bistro and Juice bar stays true to the roots of its Bandra outpost. It is also very much in sync with what the Kala Ghoda neighbourhood is becoming. The ambience is warm and inviting, with natural light, high ceilings and planters. It offers a casual dining experience in a space that reveals layers of history.

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