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Shade of Pink in Moscow’s Rare Pastrami Bar

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Shade of Pink in Moscow’s Rare Pastrami Bar

Gleaming sheets of pink corrugated metal contrast with rough plaster walls inside this Moscow restaurant designed by Crosby Studios. The interior of Rare Pastrami Bar, which specialises in meat dishes, brings together the pink hues of sliced pastrami and the industrial finishes of an abattoir. A bold never before seen new design not yet been seen in Moscow.

Located in the Milyutinskiy Pereulok neighbourhood, the 100-square-metre restaurant had previously played host to a French eatery, organised around a large central wall. The studio decided to keep this partition during the redesign, dedicating one side of the space to the kitchen and the other to seating for customers. This room features corrugated tin wall panels coated in pink lacquer. The pink metal also clads the front of the timber bar counter, trims the edges of the dining tables and forms the disc-shaped base of the ceiling lights, which are suspended at different angles.

A set of concrete steps with slate-coloured bench cushions is installed at the rear of the space, creating further seats for diners. Nearby are a pair of cylindrical volumes covered in white tiles, which conceal the bathrooms. Apart from the new grey terrazzo floors, all other surfaces are left in their previous state. Crosby Studios has offices in Moscow and New York City. As well as designing interiors, the studio also produces furniture – earlier this year it created a playful range of purple chairs, side tables, and light fixtures covered in fur or shaped like hands. They join a number of studios that have opted to use pink in the fit-out of restaurants – ASH NYC added peach-hued furniture to the pale dining spaces of Boston’s Dig Inn eatery, while Amit Studio brightened up Tel Aviv’s Bana cafe with blush-coloured window frames.

Photography is by Mikhail Loskutov

Information Source: Dezeen

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