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Smart Owner, Asia’s Leading Real Estate Marketplace, Launches Exclusive Hospitality Portfolio

By admin / Published on Wednesday, 06 Jun 2018 18:39 PM / No Comments / 479 views

SmartOwner, Asia’s leading marketplace for property investors, has announced the launch of a series of exclusive international hospitality portfolios. Tapping into the fast-growing short-term-rental sector, this series allows discerning investors to own a stake in a global, diversified portfolio of luxury properties situated in the world’s tourist hotspots. The first portfolio, STR-APX-ONE, is focused on the high-growth Asia-Pacific region, and will launch in Dubai, the world’s #1 tourist destination in terms of dollars spent.

The short-term rental market has transformed the hospitality industry, with online marketplaces like Airbnb creating a fluid, transparent market where travellers can choose from a vast array of options when choosing where to stay.

* $31 Billion: Valuation of Airbnb (30% higher than Hilton)

* 112%: Growth of Airbnb (compared to Marriot 8%)

* 6 Million+: STR listings globally in over 65,000 cities

STR offers qualified investors an effortless opportunity to add this rapidly expanding sector to their portfolios. Participants in STR will enjoy superior quarterly returns based on rental yields and will be able to resell their appreciated stake in the portfolio through SmartOwner’s convenient platform. Returns will be maximized through professional property management, best-in-class services, and algorithmic revenue optimization. STR-APX-ONE is an extremely limited offering and is expected to sell out rapidly.

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