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Soft Flooring Giants Plan to Venture Into Indian Market

By admin / Published on Thursday, 20 Jul 2017 10:30 AM / No Comments / 114 views

India has demonstrated a significant potential for the growth in soft flooring market. As soft flooring solutions demand is soaring high in India, Belgotex International Group, global manufacturer in soft flooring from Europe and other parts of world (South Africa , Europe , South America , Australia) is bringing the global legacy of innovation to Indian market.

They are kick starting their operations from Bengaluru as it’s the most concentrated market for office spaces which is followed by Delhi NCR, Mumbai and other regions in the south. To target hospitality and office spaces in commercial business category, Belgotex Group is launching Belgotex South Africa, France and Balsan.

Innovation is a part of Belgotex DNA and has grown their market share through Technological Innovation.

Speaking about the prospect of flooring solution in India, Pankaj Talreja, Country Manager, Belgotex said that India is one of fastest growing economies in the world and the kind of infrastructural development they are witnessing, being an international player in flooring industry, size of the market and its potential makes it viable and sensible for them to be here. Also investing in India represents their ongoing pursuit of expansion and is a testimony of their strength as one of the leading manufacturers globally.

Belgotex has collaborated with leading architects and workspace engineers to develop tailored solutions for specific projects. Their close collaboration of R&D teams and the factory ensures that their manufacturing capability brings ideas to fruition.

The entire process is design driven, providing unlimited opportunity for customization. This positions Belgotex as leaders by design and enables them to stay abreast of the latest products, manufacturing techniques, machinery and international trends or fashions.

In addition, Belgotex also seeks-out sustainable and eco-logically friendly production practices in the name of ‘Green Journey’. This has been a way of doing business since the outset rather than a ‘green-washing’ exercise to jump on the marketing bandwagon and is a guiding principle in all decision-making. Belgotex believes this philosophy guarantees the sustainability of their business and their customer retention strategy.

Belogotex Group is very aggressive in anticipating markets needs and develop relevant solutions. They also try to ensure their competitive advantage through cost control and their ongoing investment in state of the art equipment and technologies to break barriers to enter into new markets.

Proliferation of soft flooring industry in India is mainly seen as a result of surge in new and existing home sales, growth in commercial construction in the nation, progress in office completion globally and rising infrastructure spending.

Belgotex Group which enjoys significant market shares in France, Africa, Brazil and some other countries has been covering surfaces in offices, hospitality and homes for over 30 years and offering various soft floor coverings graded for specific market segments.

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