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Space Is The Protagonist for Nupur Shah and Saahil Parikh of We Design Studio

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Space Is The Protagonist for Nupur Shah and Saahil Parikh of We Design Studio

Nupur Shah and Saahil Parikh Founded We Design Studio in the year 2011. ‘We’ a multi-disciplinary award winning design studio works in the realms of architecture, interior and product designs with a philosophical method into design. The core strength of their work is they form a connect between built form and space through a lateral and rigorous thought process. Working within the constraints of indigenous construction technology, the studio explores the underlying value of spatial principles in each of its projects; space is the protagonist. ‘We’ studio believes in inherent sensuality in designing and building with restraint, order and control. An architecture defined by the rightness of what is and the richness with which this is experienced. With an abiding interest in austerity and simplicity, Nupur Shah and Saahil Parikh discusses with their  focused approach on each project they undertake and design fundamentals they follow.

Space Is The Protagonist for Nupur Shah and Saahil Parikh of We Design Studio
Nupur Shah and Saahil Parikh Founders of We Design Studio

Why the name ‘We Design Studio’, the thought and vision?

The name ‘We Design Studio’ suggests a strong collaborative; a collaborative between client, architect, consultants, contractors and vendors. We believe that design is not a profession of isolation. Each project is a result of careful, meticulous and continuous dialogue between all the agencies involved. From its inception in 2011, the studio has always strived to deliver highly customised and unique design solutions for each of its clients. Besides this, there is a very strong emphasis on building; building to the highest of construction standards.

How was the experience working with renowned names in the industry in the initial stages of your career, the learning and takeaways?

In the beginning of our careers Nupur and I have both been fortunate to work with architects like Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai, Kapil Gupta of Serie and Zaha Hadid of Zaha Hadid Architects. These mentors have emerged as some of the leading names in the field, with cutting-edge and out-of-the-box designs. While unique in their approach towards design and building, what remains common between them is a strong sense of drive, commitment and passion towards design excellence. These traits, while rare, have become second nature to us.

The design philosophy of We Design Studio that could be seen in your projects?

We believe in exploring the underlying value of spatial principles in each of our projects; space is the protagonist. With an abiding interest in austerity and simplicity, the studio focuses its research on the fundamental problems of space, proportion, light and materials. The studio believes that there lies an inherent sensuality in designing and building with restraint, order and control.

Who inspired you to take up this profession?

The creative bug lay dormant in us since childhood, until I stumbled upon a set of building blocks and Nupur happened to visit an architect uncle’s studio. Nupur and I have always had an eye for the arts, I guess.

Your experience working with international names like Zaha Hadid Architects, did it influence your work? If yes how?

The ZHA studio was a large office with design professionals from over 40 countries. In a small way, the cultural diversity and exposure has helped shape our thinking; made us more aware of the world we live in and the role we play as designers in shaping the global built fabric, and in turn the lives of people we design for.

How was it when you began your journey amongst the stalwarts in the industry?

To say the least, our journey has been arduous and slow, but steady. At present, the practice is eight years old. Over these years, we have built a small but exclusive list of clients. It is a demanding and competitive environment, but a drive for excellence is what allows us to thrive.

Tell us about your experience doing the first project. Which and where was it?

Our first project was a stand-alone weekend home in Kashid, Alibaug. The house sits on a very steep, 2 –acre hill with a 180 degree panoramic view of the Arabian Sea. The steep terrain and limited access to the site made it extremely challenging for us to build there.

Which was the most challenging project you have undertaken this far?

We’re currently designing and building a 17,000 sq ft stand-alone house in Bengaluru. Given the complex programmatic brief set by our clients, it is one of the most challenging projects we’ve undertaken till date.

The important designing aspects you consider for any project you undertake, what is the USP of your work?

While our approach towards each project tends to be unique and experimental, a focus on material richness and resolution of detail remains constant across the board. Each project is developed through a rigorous one-on-one interaction with each client and that simplicity and austerity is our USP.

Who amongst your contemporaries work do you admire the most and why?

We admire works of Studio Mumbai, Serie Architects, Studio Lotus, Sameep Padora & Architecture Brio.

Would like to know more about upcoming you projects, which are they, where?

A stand-alone house in Bengaluru, Madh Island, a private residence at Mahalaxmi, Mumbai and an office at Churchgate, Mumbai are some of the projects we’re currently working on.

How would you define We Design Studio vision and mission?

We look at the practice as a design and material research laboratory, where each project has an individualistic and unique approach. In the coming years, we would like to expand on this conceptual approach and attempt at blurring the boundaries between various design disciplines by lending and borrowing from them, be it graphics, fashion, art or architecture and interiors.


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