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Sub-Zero Wolf – The New Paradigm of Luxury Kitchens in India

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Sub-Zero Wolf – The New Paradigm of Luxury Kitchens in India

Indian residents are expanding largely to be amongst the fastest growing millionaires’, with 350,000 millionaires joining the club with an annual growth of 20 per cent. Moreover, in 2018, Mercedes & BMW saw their best half-yearly sales. After Fashion & Lifestyle, Accessories (Watches) and Cars; Indian HNIs are looking at luxury Interior Design & its allied products.

Sub-Zero Wolf - The New Paradigm of Luxury Kitchens in India
Sub-Zero Wolf – The New Paradigm of Luxury Kitchens in India

Currently, The Imported Kitchen market in India stands at 55 per cent with Germany, Italy, Japan & America being the leading exporters. The global built-in Kitchen Appliances Market is estimated to grow at 15% annually and reach $7 Billion by 2022, while the premium appliance market is growing at 20 per cent annually. Based on the above statistics, it is evident that with the paradigm shift in the contemporary interior design style, India has an enormous potential of accepting and implementing world-class appliances. With this enormous paradigm shift towards luxury interiors and modular kitchens, Sub-Zero Wolf, the iconic American brand, entered the Indian market in 2009 with its first retail outlet in Mumbai and though it’s premium dealers. With an experience centre opening soon in Delhi, Sub-Zero wolf is today positioned as India’s best luxury kitchen appliances brand in India. Sub-Zero Wolf houses a plethoric range of premium appliances that deliver efficiency along with a flair of elegance and exuberant luxury, addressing the needs and aspirations of the most discerning chefs and households worldwide. When it comes to building superior products for your household, Sub-Zero Wolf takes nothing for granted. The materials used are of premium grade with efficient & innovative technologies blended with state of the art craftsmanship, matching the calibre of a world’s finest home. With its iconic design, fine quality & a no-compromise attitude, Sub-Zero Wolf stands at the forefront of the science of food preservation and of precise cooking, making for a preferred choice by chefs and end-consumers alike.

Sub-Zero is not only a refrigerator – but a Food Preservation System
Sub-Zero invented advanced food preservation technology that merges seamlessly with a dual refrigeration system – controlled by microprocessors and magnetically sealed doors. Thus, it maintains an ideal temperature of refrigeration and the perfect level of moist which is essential to keep the food fresh for consumption. It’s patented NASA inspired air purification system scrubs the air of odours, mould, bacteria, viruses and ethylene gas. The magnetically sealed doors prevent air leaks and reduce energy consumption. Furthermore, freshness & taste of the water is preserved by the advance water filtration that reduces particles & pollutants, while the ease of maintenance access is achieved by the flip-up grille. Sub-Zero products are built and individually tested for exceptionally long life – 20 years or more, making them an investment to your luxury interiors.

From professional kitchens to your home – Wolf believes in the power of a home-cooked meal
In year 2000, Wolf became a part of Sub-Zero, bringing two iconic American brands together to create the ultimate cooking experience for luxury lifestyle consumers. Wolf offers highly specialized kitchen equipment with extremely user-friendly technology that gives professional cooking control to its consumers. For more than eight decades, Wolf has been a trusted companion for commercial and residential kitchens. It offers various cooking appliances like a built-in convection oven, microwave, professional indoor and outdoor grills, modular cooktops & induction tops, coffee systems etc. The Gourmet mode is the oven’s intuitive digital technology that senses the amount and size of each dish, and automatically adjusts all the details of cooking to eliminate guesswork for sought-after results every time. Each and every Wolf appliance is rigorously stress-tested to perform for over twenty years of daily use and is backed by the strongest warranty in the industry.

From crusty artisan bread to grilled, glorious steaks, Wolf equips cook inside you with the confidence to create the meals that the most delicious memories are made of. In any modular kitchen set up, built-in space for kitchen appliances should be kept in mind. Sub-Zero’s 30 models of different sizes and configurations are offering design flexibility unmatched by any other brand. So, it not only keeps foods magnificently fresh, it brings the whole kitchen tastefully up to date. Wolf offers three distinct design styles – Transitional, Contemporary, and Professional, relating to the design language of the interior designer and the end-consumer. With decade upon decade of design, engineering, and “what if?” under the brand’s apron, it’s no wonder that Wolf products can stack both vertically and horizontally to suit any space. The appliances are aesthetically designed to offer premium finish and it’s professional outlook, with intelligible integrated technology to be used by any member of the family. With Sub-Zero Wolf helping its luxury lifestyle consumers to #reclaimthekitchen, the products serve as a centrepiece of the kitchen in India’s tastefully designed homes.

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